Three Ways to Create an Immersive Sound System at Home

Immersive sound refers to sound equipment that can provide listeners with a lifelike, in-person experience. Instead of emanating from two directions, like stereo, immersive surround sound systems allow listeners to hear sounds from above, below, behind, and left or right. Immersive sound equipment can also broadcast the rich, detailed sound that most people associate with live concerts or movie theaters.

Three Ways to Create an Immersive Sound System at Home

The industry terms this immersive sound because it contributes to a sense of truly being at the source of the sound and not just listening to a reproduction. With improvements in technology, people can create an immersive sound system at home.

An Immersive Speaker System

A home speaker setup like the Sib Evo 5.1.2 should please the fussiest audiophile. The package comes with two Dolby Atmos speakers, a Cub Evo subwoofer, and three satellite speakers. Even though this package costs about $1,700, TechRadar ranked it on top for home surround sound. The components look stylish enough to complement most decor too.
For a much cheaper alternative, consider the Amazon Echo Studio for $199, which TechRadar called the best standalone Dolby speaker. For this price, sound purists can add these smart speakers to multiple rooms.

Immersive Headphones

Headphones won’t allow sharing high-quality sound with friends and family, but they may cost considerably less than speakers and soundbars. Plus, headphones can offer the right solution for apartment dwellers or people who need to keep their homes quiet for other family members. Also, the portability of headphones might provide a benefit for some.
CNET recommended Apple Airpods Max as the best choice for noise cancellation, Apple’s surround-sound technology, and rich sound. Apple lists them for over $500, but savvy shoppers might find them on sale at Amazon for about $480.

Sound Bars

More home theaters use soundbars than speaker systems. They might not work better than multiple speakers, but soundbars cost much less, don’t take up much room, and effectively reproduce sound.
The Sonos Arc may offer the best Dolby Atmos soundbar on the market. It costs about $1,000 and provides an all-in-one solution to reproduce 3D sound in a slim package. For smaller rooms, the cheaper Sonos Beam might work well too. The Gen 2 Beam offers Dolby Atmos and sells for about $400.

Protect Your Sound System With an Extended Warranty

The right equipment can bring theater-quality immersive sound into a home. Many of these products also connect to streaming services and smart home devices. The best choice between speaker sets, soundbars, and headphones may depend upon personal preferences and budgets.
Depending on the type, high-quality sound equipment for home theater systems may cost several hundred to over a thousand dollars. Rather than leave this investment to chance, protect it with an Upsie speaker warranty. A few highlights of Upsie speaker warranties include:
  • Comprehensive protection helps pay to repair damage, including mechanical, connectivity, or electrical issues.
  • Claims representatives will answer the phone 24 hours a day to help with the process and coordinate repair services.
  • Upsie customers have up to 60 days after purchasing their equipment to pair it with an Upsie warranty.
In addition, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than their competitors, ensuring that customers get the most value out of every warranty. With comprehensive coverage, intuitive terms, and reliable claims service, Upsie is the best choice for your warranty plan.
Upsie also offers extended warranties for TVs, PCs, and various electronics and appliances.

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