Hisense U7G Series Gaming TV: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Televisions aimed at gamers are still relatively uncommon, but that hasn’t stopped Hisense from catering to this market. Whereas many TV manufacturers continue to focus on TV-watching experiences more generally, Hisense is bucking this trend. And the company isn’t shy about it, with its three latest U7G series models marketed as televisions made especially for gamers.
“The TV that makes gaming smooth like butter,” says Hisense of its Android-equipped 4K ULED U7G smart TV lineup. “Sure, it’s great for Netflix, the big game, and the real housewives of wherever,” the brand goes on. “But the U7G is made for gamers.”
With that, the U7G lineup’s Game Mode Pro makes controller commands instant. Elsewhere, and with the help of high-speed HDMI inputs and the manufacturer’s Automatic Low Latency Mode, it promises a gaming experience that’s smoother than ever. Boasting near-instant response times, motion blur and halo effects are minimal, too.

Made for Gamers

High-speed HDMI inputs and a special low latency mode are unlikely to wow most TV buyers, but Hisense simply isn’t out to impress the majority of customers with the 4K U7G series. Instead, it’s made for—and aimed very squarely at—gamers.
Right from the outset, Hisense has designed the U7G lineup to support the power of the latest generation of games consoles like the Sony PS5 above all else. The result is a 4K TV that’s slicker, faster, and sharper when gaming. Hisense calls it an epic TV for epic things. And while it’s no doubt great for watching sports, movies, and more, it’s really made for gamers.

Hisense U7G Series Features

The U7G lineup’s main features are those designed to appeal to gamers, first and foremost. However, there’s plenty more on offer besides the likes of Game Mode Pro. Yet, it’s these gaming-focused features that Hisense continues to place front and center. An Ultra Motion setting and a 120Hz native refresh rate further get top billing among the U7G range’s highlighted features, for example.
Ultra Motion removes the digital noise that often affects moving objects on traditional TV screens – a common issue when gaming. Instead, it promises exceptional clarity. A 120Hz refresh rate is then just one of the numerous other features employed with gamers squarely in mind.
Available in three sizes, the U7G range boasts Hisense’s exclusive ULED technologies. As a result, the TV boosts color, contrast, brightness, motion, and more. The result is over one billion colors. As a result, consumers get a purer, richer, and more accurate picture than what’s possible on regular LCD TVs.
Meanwhile, various other cutting-edge additions are likely to wow both gamers and non-gamers alike. These additions include the U7G lineup’s up-to-1,000 nits of peak brightness across 72 local dimming zones, built-in IMAX Enhanced proprietary video technologies, and a fancy backlit voice-controlled remote.

Hisense U7G Series Price

The Hisense U7G range is available in three sizes, measuring 55, 65, and 75 inches apiece. Prices start at under $850, meaning that the smaller of the three U7Gs is a largely affordable option compared to any number of other 55-inch 4K TVs currently on sale. That said, prices do ramp up quickly. The 65-inch model costs just a penny under $1,100, while the 75-inch version will set buyers back $1,599.99.
While that’s no doubt a sizable investment, it’s still significantly less than the cost of many other 75-inch TVs on today’s market. The latest 75-inch Samsung Neo QLED 4K smart TV, for example, costs $3,499.99. Even a budget proposition like TCL’s 75-inch Classic 6-Series 4K UHD TV costs $1,399.99. With that, and at just $200 more, the feature-packed 75-inch U7G feels like something of a bargain.

Hisense U7G Series Warranty

At up to $1,600, just as with any high-end television, Hisense U7G series buyers should protect their purchase with an extended TV warranty. However, coverage from manufacturers and retailers has traditionally been both costly and somewhat restrictive. Thankfully, consumers have another option: Upsie. Upsie’s warranties are comprehensive and affordable.
The perks of choosing Upsie include insurance against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, screen burn-in, dead pixels, and more. Best of all, Upsie’s TV extended warranties cost up to 70 percent less than television warranties sold elsewhere. That includes policies offered by manufacturers and big-box retailers alike.
Eligibility is open to TVs purchased in the last 11 months. Coverage for up to five years is available, too, meaning that protection is in place for the foreseeable future. With Upsie, customers also gain access to a variety of repair and replacement options. That includes access to Upsie’s network of skilled local engineers who are ready and waiting to take care of matters should anything go wrong.

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