New Samsung Neo QLED TVs Announced at CES 2021

CES 2021 gave consumers and tech press alike a treasure trove of new product and technology announcements. Samsung had plenty to show this year, including a new TV line packed with all sorts of futuristic tech. Are you curious about Samsung’s new Neo QLED TV line? Upsie has the answers you’re looking for below!

What’s New with Neo

Samsung has offered QLED TVs for several years now. They’re generally excellent, and this year the company seeks to differentiate its latest models with the “Neo” description. But what’s actually new with Neo?
The most noticeable thing here is the use of mini-LED. CNet reports that Samsung has produced LEDs that are 40 times smaller than the norm, giving a much more impressive degree of picture control. Old-school LED TVs didn’t handle dark scenes well, with lots of extra light bleeding through. Between mini-LED and Samsung’s quantum matrix technology (not to mention multiple dimming zones), darks have never looked better on an LED set than they do here.
Samsung has also upped its upscaling game. All 4K and higher TVs will automatically upscale lower-quality content. In other words, your “just HD” content will look better on any 4K set than it will on an HD set because the set itself is working behind the scenes to improve the perceived quality.
But with its Neo line, Samsung says it’s tapping into the power of neural networks – plural – to enhance upscaling with the power of AI. How much of a difference you’ll notice remains to be seen, but it’s an impressive sounding addition.

Sizes and Pricing

Samsung televisions are gorgeous, reliable and often feature-packed. As a result, they tend to run on the expensive side, and the new Samsung Neo QLED lineup is no exception to that trend.
The most affordable Neo model is the 4K QN85A, which is available in four sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. Pricing starts at $1,599.99 for the 55-inch model and scales up to $4,499.99 for the 85-incher. There’s also a slightly nicer 4K model, the QN90A, which adds a few hundred bucks to each size.
If you want to make the jump to 8K, it’ll cost you. Samsung’s 8K Neo sets start at $3,499.99 for the 65-inch model (no 55-inch in 8K) and jumps up to $6,499.99 for the 85-inch. And those prices are for the less expensive 8K model. The flagship model starts at $4,999.99 for the smallest 65-inch screen and scales to $8,999.99 for the big one.

Features Scale with Price

Samsung offers a range of features across its four models (and sizes within each). Unsurprisingly, the more you spend, the more you get. The better models produce higher levels of Quantum HDR, and the quantum matrix tech also seems to be stronger in the 8K models. You’ll also get slimmer bezels the higher you go, topping out with Samsung’s seemingly impossible Infinity Screen.

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