What is the Best Video Game Console?

Both Sony and Microsoft are scheduled to release their newest consoles in Q4 2020. Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will be roughly comparable in processing power, both featuring AMD Zen 2 processors. Both will be absolutely beastly in terms of capability and will take console gaming to still greater heights in terms of graphics quality and realism.
Asking which one is better is akin to asking us to take sides on Ford vs. Chevy or iOS vs. Android. It’s virtually impossible to answer the question in the abstract. As it stands, the new Xbox looks to have a slight performance edge in both the CPU and the GPU (graphics processor). It also has slightly more internal storage (1TB vs 825GB). The PS5, on the other hand, boasts nearly twice the data transfer speed.
The real test of which is better comes down to usability and the game catalog, and it’s too early to tell for certain on either front. Generally, if you’re already a fan of the PS4 or the Xbox One (X), you’re probably going to stick with your favored brand.
Whichever new console you choose in 2020, make sure to protect it with a console extended warranty.

What Was the Best Game Console in 2019?

Last year, the Nintendo Switch reigned supreme. Nintendo got off the console rotation cycle a little bit, releasing the Switch in 2017 as a needed replacement to the questionable Wii U. The Switch’s main competitors are the PS4 and the Xbox One, both of which were released in November 2013 — four years before the Switch.
Nintendo has always marched to its own beat, and the Switch was and is no exception. Part living room console, part handheld gaming device, the Switch is a stellar piece of hardware with a robust catalog of very entertaining games. It does tend to focus on Nintendo exclusives (think Mario, Link and so forth), and it’s also become a favorite for indie developers. It gets fewer of the blockbuster titles and kind of does its own thing.
PC Mag selects the PS4 as the winner of the previous generation as a whole, but only slightly. If you’re a hardcore gamer into first-person shooters and big-budget blockbusters, it’s the winner. But by 2019, the PS4 was starting to feel a little old. Gamers looking for the trendiest or buzziest experience embraced the Switch.

What is the Best Video Game Console for Kids?

Hands down, the Nintendo Switch. And if you’re buying it for kids and don’t want to sacrifice your main TV, Nintendo has you covered. The less expensive Switch Lite loses the ability to output to a TV and thus becomes a handheld-only console, and it also loses $100 off its price tag.

Which is Better, Xbox or PS4?

In terms of sales, PS4 is the clear winner over Xbox One by some 60 million units. The Xbox is a respectable piece of hardware, but it hasn’t proved as successful this generation as the PS4. Some of this is due to game exclusivity, with the PS4 capitalizing on some high-value titles. Most people find the user interface of the PS4 to be better. The Xbox has better media capabilities, but it’s not 2013 anymore and most people aren’t using their game console as a media hub in 2020.

Why Is Xbox Cheaper than PS4?

They aren’t new anymore, but the Xbox One S and the PS4 are both going for $299. On the resale market, it’s because the PS4 is slightly more desirable, so resellers know they can get more for them.

Is It Worth Getting an Xbox One S in 2020?

Honestly, we say no at this point for most consumers. Unless you’re completely console-starved, your best bet is to wait until the end of the year and get one of the next-gen consoles.
Here are two exceptions: one, if you’re a die-hard Xbox One fan and your original unit is dying, the One S is an obvious upgrade due to its 4K output. Two, if you’re looking for the cheapest currently available option into “powerhouse” (read: non-Nintendo) gaming, then perhaps give it a shot.

Can I get Insurance on My Video Game Console?

Absolutely! Even though video game consoles (other than the Switch) tend to sit on the TV stand away from most dangers, accidents happen. If you ever relocate your console or take it with you to a friend’s house, drop damage is a real concern.
Depending on where you buy your console, you may be offered some kind of extended warranty or insurance. But watch out for the high costs and even higher deductibles! Choose Upsie instead to save up to 70% compared to the big box retailers’ prices.

Are Extended Warranties Available for Used and Refurbished Consoles?

Yes, Upsie offers extended warranties for used and refurbished consoles in addition to extended warranties on new consoles.

Who Has the Best Gaming Console Protection Plans?

Upsie uses the same insurance carriers as the big guys, but Upsie cuts out the middleman and doesn’t have to pay for expensive retail storefronts. Plans from Upsie offer the same great protection but provide significant savings over the competition.
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