How Will Unreal Engine 5 Change Gaming

Unreal Engine 5, the real-time 3D creation tool, makes stunning 3D graphics accessible to more people. With it, you can create bigger worlds with immersive and realistic animations. Now that Unreal Engine 5 is a free-to-download tool available to anyone interested in creating video games and other 3D content, how will it change the face of gaming?

What Is Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine is owned by Epic Games, the creators of popular games like Fornite, Fall Guys, Rocket League, and others. Their newest release is a game-creation software called Unreal Engine 5. Instead of charging for the software, Epic Games takes a 5% cut of games that generate more than $1 million in revenue. As a result, small game developers with limited budgets can use the software to create new games.
Unreal Engine 5 is the fifth iteration of the software and allows for impressive modeling. It is a public software that allows users to create 3D worlds, manipulate light and sound, and animate models that look stunningly realistic.
According to the website, “Unreal Engine enables game developers and creators across industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before.”

Key Features of Unreal Engine 5

According to Unreal Engine, this new release changes the way developers will create 3D content. Some of the most notable updates include:
  • The option to create bigger worlds
  • Immersive and realistic experiences with Nanite and Lumen
  • Artist-friendly animation
  • Expanded modeling toolset
Epic Games’ software has caught the public’s eyes with the addition of Lumen Global. Lumen allows for realistic illumination and reflections that immediately reacts to light changes in a scene. For example, Unreal Engine notes, “Changing the angle of the sun, turning on a flashlight, opening an exterior door, or even blowing up a wall will cause a change to indirect lighting and reflections.”
One of the best examples that shows what the software can do is the famously realistic Japanese train station by 3D artist Lorenzo Drago. Drago’s rendered video feels eerily similar to a real-life train station. The “camera” adjusts to the lighting as we move through different parts of the station and the texture of the walls and ground of the station is nearly impossible to distinguish from real life. The 3D rendering also includes a scene from a rainy night where a flashlight illuminates small puddles of water collected in divots in the ground. Overall, the rendering is simply stunning.

Will Unreal Engine 5 Affect Gaming?

As more games switch to Unreal Engine 5, gamers will reap the benefits. Since the software is free for anyone to download, it makes high-quality, realistic, and HD renderings accessible.
Gamers should expect realistic games to become more common. For example, the developers of the next Witcher game, which is already known for its beautiful open-world graphics, announced that they have switched to Unreal Engine. Crystal Dynamics’s Tomb Raider has also switched to Unreal. So far, the game development software has an impressive lineup of high-quality video games.
Drago’s train station is just one example of what Unreal Engine can do. Hopefully, with the opportunities presented by the software, we’ll see more games that feel realistic. This should also improve realism across the board, including better realism in VR.
In addition, since the platform is free, fledgling game developers will have access to software that allows them to match graphics from top game developers. As a result, games with less funding will have a better chance of competing in a competitive market.

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