Top 10 Kids’ Games Available on Apple Arcade

According to Apple, everybody’s a winner when it comes to Apple Arcade Games. This subscription service works on Apple devices and offers unlimited access to over 180 games, from classic arcade favorites to new releases. In addition, Apple promises to add new games each week. Besides arcade games, other content includes brain teasers, sports and racing themes, and even party games.
With plenty of choices for fun-lovers of all ages, Apple also includes parental controls and excludes upsells. After a one-month free trial, the subscription costs $4.95 a month and lets players access games across their Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and Apple TV. Many games offer controller support, and a few games even require controllers. That being said, some games will not work on all devices.

Which Apple Arcade Kids’ Games Are Best?

To make it easier to quickly find some great games for kids, this section splits top Apple Arcade games by suggested starting ages.
For kids as young as four:
  • Dodo Peak: A dodo bird must keep her eggs from rolling away.
  • Way of the Turtle: To start the game, Mr. Turtle has to find Mrs. Turtle to resume their honeymoon.
  • The Enchanted World: In this remastering of the classic game, Frogger has to save the froglets.
  • Sonic Racing: Sonic the Hedgehog returns to star in this new take on a classic racing game.
  • Pac-Man Party Royale: From the youngest children to nostalgic adults, everybody loves this classic game.
Starting at age nine:
  • Lego Brawls: Play a fun, creative multiplayer game in the Lego Universe.
  • Fledgling Hero: Help a young macaw master flight.
  • Survival Z: Save the world from the zombie apocalypse.
For adolescents and teens:
  • Minecraft: Enjoy one of the most popular games on any platform.
  • Fruit Ninja: Gaining mastery of fruit slicing is surprisingly fun and addictive.

What Do Parents Like About Apple Arcade Kids’ Games?

At first, it might seem like Apple Arcade mostly appeals to children. The service includes plenty of games for kids. However, it also offers features and content that parents should appreciate:
  • Apple Arcade has games for older teens and adults, including adult party game titles such as Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare.
  • Adults can use parental controls to restrict their children’s content using Apple parental controls on various devices. They can restrict their children from certain content by age rating or content identifiers.
  • The price is pretty fair at $4.95 per month. Apple Arcade offers access to a constantly updated list of fully-featured games that work on a variety of devices. This compares favorably to paying a few dollars for each game or putting up with upsells inside of free games.

How to Protect Apple Devices From Kids Being Kids

Certainly, plenty of parents want to give kids access to electronic devices. Besides playing games, kids can use smartphones, tablets and computers for education, communication and other kinds of entertainment.
At the same time, no parents can expect young children to always treat devices as well as they should. For kids just learning about responsibility, accidents happen – so your kids’ electronics will probably fall victim to an accidental spill or drop at some point.
With Upsie extended warranties for phones, tablets, TV sets, game systems, and computers, accidents don’t have to be disasters. Upsie members enjoy prompt access to certified technicians, 24-7 claims, and coverage for accidents, wear and defects.
Even better, Upsie charges less than their name-brand warranty competitors for comprehensive, high-quality service. Besides Apple devices, Upsie has protection plans for Android, Windows, and many more kinds of electronics.

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