The Best New iOS 15 Features Apple Fans Should Know

Apple previewed iOS 15 in June, 2021. It’s the newest operating system upgrade for the iPhone. Expect to see it on the market by the fall, possibly on the highly anticipated iPhone 13. More than just a routine update, iOS 15 should introduce dozens of improvements and entirely new features.

How Will iOS 15 Improve Upon iOS 14?

Apple noticed that its users had slowly drifted from FaceTime to Zoom for its compatibility and other features. This upgrade might bring them back. According to CNET, the iOS 15 upgrade to FaceTime might also offer one of the most dramatic improvements over previous versions.
The video messaging application will still retain its unique character but include more Zoom-like features. In addition, it will now also offer links that Android and Windows users can connect from. FaceTime users can also gather to consume such entertainment as movies and music together.
Other new iOS 15 features include:
  • Text messages: The Messages App will improve its appearance and the way it organizes messages. For instance, the new Shared With You feature will take shared content and add a notification to its corresponding app, including Apple News, Apple TV, and Apple Music, Podcasts, Safari, and Photos.
  • Notifications and communication: A new feature called Notification Summary will let users prioritize and schedule notifications. For instance, important alerts could sound right away, but unimportant alerts could wait until morning. Similarly, the Focus tool lets users choose which notifications to deliver at certain times of the day and can even add settings like “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Privacy: Marketers embed tracking pixels in email to let them know when the recipient opened the correspondence, if they clicked a link, and other metrics. Not everybody likes having their actions tracked this way. A new Mail feature called Mail Privacy Protection blocks these trackers and also hides IP addresses.
  • Search and tagging: The Live Text feature for the phone’s camera and photo library offers advanced abilities that one might almost expect in a science fiction or fantasy movie. As an example, it can translate text, identify plants and animals, or produce the phone number for an address.

Should Apple Fans Wait for iOS 15?

Obviously, the timing of a new phone purchase might depend on several factors. These probably include the condition of the current phone or even if any money’s still left on the balance of the original phone purchase. According to Forbes, Americans have started to keep their phones longer than they used to. They attribute this change in behavior to costlier phones and better phone quality.
At the same time, Forbes also acknowledges that manufacturers don’t introduce revolutionary upgrades to their phones every year, so consumers don’t feel as motivated to invest in a new phone that often. The upgrade appears to provide one of those important, rare upgrades that will spark interest and motivation.

How to Protect an iPhone 13

The new iPhone 13 should tempt many consumers with upgrades to its form and function. At the same time, Apple is likely to introduce it as a high-end, costly phone. It’s the kind of device that most consumers hope to purchase and keep for several years. These days, a lot of phone owners even want to preserve the retail value of their Apple phones so they can trade them in or sell them on a secondary market.
An extended iPhone warranty from Upsie gives consumers a way to keep their phone in tip-top shape, preserve their investment, and always have access to high-quality repair technicians. Even better, Upsie members get access to local repairs, including the Genius Bar, or mail-in repairs with postage-paid priority shipping.
With affordable prices, 24-hour claims and customer service, and up to 120 days to purchase a phone warranty, Upsie is the obvious choice for an iPhone warranty. Apple device owners may struggle to decide if it’s time to replace their iPhone; however, they should have an easy time deciding to protect their purchase with an Upsie warranty.

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