Intel Unveils Its All-New Alder Lake Processors

A highlight of the recently concluded CES 2022 event in Las Vegas, Intel has finally unveiled its latest generation of processors, Alder Lake. And Intel’s 12th-generation chips make some bold claims. The manufacturer isn’t pulling their punches. Intel immediately billed its flagship Alder Lake processors as the world’s fastest when it comes to gaming.
The Alder Lake lineup promises blistering performance elsewhere, too. Everyone from gamers to content creators will benefit, according to Intel. It’s also been suggested that the arrival of Alder Lake signals a new era for any number of entry-level devices, making products like Google’s Chromebooks quicker than ever.

Alder Lake Set to Redress the Balance

Intel has long been at the forefront of the global processor market. Yet, ever-growing levels of competition from AMD and various new adversaries have seen Intel’s position increasingly challenged.
For example, Apple’s new proprietary processors have undoubtedly put a dent in Intel’s market share. The arrival of Apple’s own processors also marked the brand’s move away from those supplied by the market leader.
The Alder Lake series will address the balance, with many of the lineup’s chips demonstrating blistering performance under testing. Just over a year since Apple unleashed its M1 chip to massive applause and success, Intel will hope to make similar waves with Alder Lake. Crucially, all of this comes as delays and cancellations continue to plague many other major manufacturers amid ongoing chip shortage woes globally.

Benefits Across the Board

The arrival of Intel’s all-new Alder Lake chips means that today’s best cheap laptops could get even better, according to TechRadar. Entry-level Chromebooks and similarly priced Windows laptops are some of the most likely to benefit, it seems. However, flagship Alder Lake chips will further cater to the opposite end of the market, making their way into many of 2022’s most high-end devices in the process.
One such flagship, the $589 Core i9-12900K, is the world’s fastest gaming processor. The sub-$600 chip promises to be up to 30 percent faster than AMD’s more expensive Ryzen 9 5950X flagship. With that, it’s also twice as fast as the outgoing Intel chip that it replaces.
Purely in terms of game streaming scenarios, Intel even claims that the flagship Core i9-12900K will offer a generational gain of over 80 percent. As such, news of the California-based technology company’s top-tier Alder Lake processors will undoubtedly be interesting to hardcore gamers. That said, the new chips promise significant boosts in performance across the board, including in regards to content creation workloads.

Alder Lake to Reunify Intel’s Desktop and Mobile Lines

Intel has gone all-in on Alder Lake. The new chip lineup will therefore reunify the brand’s desktop and mobile lines. Intel has tuned the dedicated 12th-generation mobile chip for maximum performance on desktop PCs and high-end laptops.
Early benchmark tests have confirmed Intel’s suggestion that its new processors are among the world’s fastest for gaming. The same testing has further demonstrated amazing overclocking headroom for those involved in the practice. It far outperforms, for example, AMD’s top-rated Ryzen 5000 chips.
Mobile users can also expect to see similarly impressive performance across many of their most relied-upon devices as Alder Lake continues its rollout.

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