The Three Best Travel Laptops in 2022

There’s never been a wider choice of laptops suited to those who travel regularly, but which is the best? Ultimately, that depends on a person’s budget. Thankfully, from under $700 to $1,700 or more, there’s a travel-focused laptop to suit almost every price point. Ultra-portability is often the first thing people look for in a travel laptop. However, it’s vital to consider several other factors.
Arguably chief among these is battery life. Yet, durability, storage space, and processing power, for example, are also similarly important when relying on a laptop while traveling. With all of this and more taken into account, three laptops stand out right now. Priced at around $650, $1,000, and $1,850 apiece, a trio of top-selling models from Google, Dell, and LG represent among the very best travel laptops in 2022.

Best Travel Laptop on a Budget

While various mid-range and high-end travel laptops are available, budget options are few and far between. There’s no shortage of affordable laptops for sale, of course.
Unfortunately, they routinely fail to live up to expectations regarding their performance as travel-focused devices. Many are too heavy to be considered ultra-portable, while others lack the performance and battery life required for life on the move.
However, one model that has proved itself is the Google Pixelbook Go. One of Google’s popular own-brand Chromebooks, the Pixelbook Go, has been around for a little while now. During this time, it’s shown itself to be a robust, lightweight, and reliable travel laptop. While it lacks some of the power of costlier alternatives, the $649 Google Pixelbook Go is ideal for those who travel regularly and need a laptop on a budget.
Weighing in at barely 2 lbs, the Pixelbook Go relies on Google’s proprietary Chrome operating system. That may make it a non-starter for some. But, in reality, Chrome OS is, perhaps, better suited to life on the road than either Windows or macOS. The Google Pixelbook Go’s long-lasting battery is another benefit of this option.

Best Mid-Range Travel Laptop

Those searching for a mid-range travel-friendly laptop are in luck. At around $1,000, numerous options cater nicely to those who regularly travel, including Apple’s latest $999 MacBook Air. That said, it’s the $999.99 Dell XPS 13 that’s the pick of the bunch in 2022.
The XPS 13 from Dell is a lightweight and nicely portable workhorse. Dell’s first-ever so-called ultrabook, it’s gone on to win legions of fans. Accordingly, around 15 incarnations of XPS 13 to date have seen Dell’s best-selling lightweight laptop repeatedly take the crown when it comes to the best mid-range travel laptop.
The Dell XPS 13 weighs in at under 2.7 lbs in its lightest configuration. It is well-built and boasts much-sought-after features like a 1080p webcam. Best of all, the new 2022 model—the Dell XPS 13 Plus— adds a touch bar, an edge-to-edge keyboard, and more. For $1,199.99, it offers upgrade opportunities in several areas. This includes its display, all while maintaining the existing model’s 2.7-pound weight.

Best High-End Travel Laptop

Now, a 17-inch laptop might not seem like the most obvious choice when it comes to travel-friendly models. However, the LG Gram 17 is an exception, incredibly managing to weigh in at under 3 lbs.
The Gram 17 from LG, therefore, offers a full-size laptop experience in a package that’s as easy to carry around as much, much smaller examples. At least in terms of weight, nobody should find themselves struggling with the LG Gram 17, whether traveling by road, rail, air, or sea. It also offers outstanding performance and battery life far beyond what its feather-light weight may suggest.
While some accommodation may need making for its overall size, for those who prefer a larger laptop but need to save weight, there’s almost nothing else on the market right now that comes close. Be that as it may, at $1,849.99, it’s not an inexpensive proposition. Of course, those keen to safeguard their investment can do so with an extended laptop warranty. Upsie offers a range of laptop warranties, each with all-important accidental damage protection.

Protect Your Travel Laptop With Upsie

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