Top Reasons to Get a Shark Vacuum Warranty

Household appliances can make even the most dreaded tasks easier and more enjoyable. However, even the most durable tools and equipment can break down when they’re needed most.
Washing machines and dishwashers, for example, are surprisingly prone to failure due to the complicated nature of their components. That said, users interact closely with these devices on a near-daily basis, so most can spot small problems before they become big issues.
Other devices — such as robot vacuum cleaners — fly under the repair radar thanks to the owner playing a hands-off role in their functioning. If homeowners never see them in action, it’s easy to neglect repairs. This tendency is compounded by an unfortunate reality: human error is the main reason why products such as robotic vacuum cleaners malfunction.
This doesn’t mean that consumers should abandon the warranty process, however. In fact, the opposite is true. The right warranty can make a world of difference, providing much-needed protection for a major household cleaning appliance. This is especially true for the Shark robotic vacuum, which, although quite helpful, requires extra protection above and beyond what the manufacturer’s warranty can possibly provide. Keep reading to learn why protecting a Shark vacuum with an extended warranty is a no-brainer.

Reason #1: Shark Warranties Provide Valuable Peace of Mind

Some homeowners don’t want to shell out hundreds on robot vacuums because they fear questionable durability. This is a valid concern, although sometimes overblown. Whether appropriate or not, people are more inclined to trust their own abilities over those of an automated machine.
A relevant example of this phenomenon presents itself in studies that show when it comes to self-driving cars, humans think they can drive better and safer. This is the case even when clear evidence demonstrates that autonomous vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents.
The same concept applies to robot vacuums. Skeptical consumers expect that robotic vacuums will eventually hit the wall literally and figuratively. This is exactly why an extended warranty is a good idea. Consumers can feel confident that their extended warranty will be fully protected from mechanical disruptions to accidents.

Reason #2: A Shark Warranty Is Cheaper Than Repairing or Replacing Vacuums

The typical Shark robotic vacuum cleaner costs anywhere from $250 to $650. That’s a lot to pay for clean floors — especially when customers can often find the alternative (a traditional upright vacuum) for just $100.
Now, add the potential for a replacement, and a Shark vacuum feels like even more of an investment. After all, given the complex nature of the components used in these robotic vacuums, repairs are significantly more expensive than those required for standard vacuums. In some cases, repairs aren’t even possible. This causes some consumers to shell out even more money on brand-new units when previous models malfunction.
Either way, an extended warranty can provide major savings. It costs significantly less than a repair bill — and far less than a new vacuum.

Reason #3: Upsie Customer Service Is Better Than Dealing with Manufacturers

When a typical household appliance breaks down, the standard order of business is to contact the manufacturer. Anyone who has ever spent hours on hold — just to speak to an automated system — knows the frustration this can cause.
The warranty process at Upsie takes all the hassle and annoyance out of making a claim. Customers can submit online claims at any time — or users can call Upsie and talk to a real person on the phone 24/7. While manufacturers will attempt to fight most warranty claims or obfuscate coverage behind confusing terms and conditions, the process at Upsie couldn’t be easier.

Reason #4: Shark Limited Warranty Protection Isn’t Enough

Like many vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Shark offers a range of limited warranties. Unfortunately, many of these simply don’t provide the protection and peace of mind that discerning consumers demand. Others are more extensive but cost so much that most prospective users will skip them. Upsie provides the best of both worlds by keeping warranty costs to a minimum while also offering robust coverage.
Reasons abound to invest in an Upsie extended warranty for your Shark vacuum. Upsie’s approach provides the ultimate confidence for everyday vacuum users. It’s affordable and also ensures that, in the event of a malfunction, customers can have their Shark vacuums repaired or replaced quickly. An Upsie extended warranty offers the best protection for your Shark vacuum.

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