Protect Your Smartphone With Upsie

$0 cracked screen deductible for most phones






Smartphone Warranties

Coverage Includes:


Cracked Screen


Battery Failure


Touch Screen Failure


Liquid Damage


Power Failure


Camera Failure


and More!

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Why Get An Upsie Warranty?

Quality Repairs icon

Quality Repairs

OEM-quality parts make your phone like new.

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Great Service

Same-day* repairs at your trusted repair store.

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Save Money

Plans cost less than out-of-pocket repairs.

How it Works

1. Buy your warranty anytime on any phone with no current damage.

2. Activate your plan by entering device info.

3. Easily make a claim 24/7/365 with real people.


Customers Love Upsie

"I've used Upsie several times for different devices and they've always been easy to work with if/when I have claims. Plus their pricing is great."

-T. Yellin


Can I get a subscription on any product?


As of September 22, 2022 we only offer subscriptions for smartphones. But we’re looking to expand our subscription offerings soon.

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"Great pricing, outstanding customer service, immediate response to my inquiry. Don't change anything."

- Joseph Murphy




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