Why You Should Not Buy AT&T Phone Insurance

AT&T is one of America's most popular mobile network carriers with almost 100 million subscriptions. The Texas-headquartered multinational conglomerate charges $14 or $17 every month for phone insurance. Many consumers are unaware that they can and should look elsewhere for smartphone insurance.
Why? Because they're paying more for coverage that's further hindered by a growing list of limitations. This article includes everything you need to know about AT&T phone insurance and why it isn’t the best choice.

AT&T Phone Insurance Overview

According to its 2021 second-quarter earnings package, AT&T currently has around 98 million subscribers in the United States and is in third place behind Verizon and T-Mobile. A significant proportion of AT&T's customers overpay for their insurance coverage.
Nowadays, AT&T pushes a more expensive package known as AT&T Protect Advantage. Customers should expect to pay up to $204 per year for such coverage.
What many subscribers don't seem to realize, though, is that they're overpaying significantly no matter which plan they have. Furthermore, all of the AT&T phone insurance plans are run by Asurion and, therefore, are plagued by various limitations.
For example, AT&T charges a standard deductible of up to $299 – more than any other carrier or comparable insurance, extended warranty, or service contract provider. At the same time, customers can only make two or three claims per year with AT&T’s insurance plans.
There are many other issues, too, which is why professionals recommend buyers look for other options before purchasing an AT&T phone warranty.

AT&T Phone Insurance Cost

AT&T's smartphone insurance and device protection provisions are considerably more expensive than other insurance options. Their most affordable plan is $14 per month, and their most expensive plan is $17 per month.
In comparison, Upsie's smartphone warranties cost just $9.99 per month.

AT&T Phone Insurance Deductible

AT&T's maximum deductible is nearly $300 and is higher than nearly all of their competitors. This means that AT&T customers who own Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphone must contribute an additional $299 in the event of a claim.
In comparison, Upsie charges $0 for smartphone screen repair deductibles and $109 for other repairs. For replacements, Upsie's deductible to just $149. As a result, Upsie saves customers money when compared to AT&T.

Other Reasons Never to Buy AT&T Phone Insurance

High prices and restricted claims aren't the only limitations to AT&T phone insurance and device protection. Several other downsides also exist, like AT&T's use of refurbished or remanufactured smartphones when replacing damaged devices.
Other negatives include:
  • Poor customer service
  • Wildly differing levels of coverage across policies
  • Confusing terms and conditions
  • Costly, tiered deductibles
Any one of these should be enough to potentially dissuade customers from choosing AT&T insurance.
Another downside is AT&T's willingness to use non-original replacement parts. What this means, for example, is that iPhone owners with existing AppleCare protection will no longer be covered in line with Apple's terms and conditions. With that, AT&T’s replacement parts render the manufacturer’s expensive and valuable coverage useless, preventing continued access to Apple's Genius Bars.

Choosing an Alternative

Thankfully, AT&T customers can seek insurance and device protection elsewhere. Despite what AT&T leads consumers to believe, the customer is under no obligation to purchase insurance from their carrier or mobile network. Instead, they should shop around for a product that offers affordable, comprehensive protection with excellent customer service.
Upsie is proud to be a disruptor in the traditional smartphone insurance and extended warranty market. By cutting out the middleman, Upsie saves customers on the cost of all-important coverage.
Other benefits of Upsie's warranty plans include:
  • Comprehensive accidental damage protection
  • Protection against manufacturing defects
  • Power, screen, camera, and audio failure coverage
  • Coverage for new and used devices
  • Genius Bar support with iPhone plans
What's more, all of this is supported by five-star customer service.

Switch From AT&T to Upsie

By choosing Upsie, smartphone owners can expect coverage that's clearly outlined before purchasing. In addition, Upsie keeps their prices low by cutting out unnecessary costs.
Upsie has a range of smartphone warranty packages, all with comprehensive accidental damage protection as standard. Policies are also available for smartphones from brands including Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, Nokia, and others.
When purchasing a new phone, customers should avoid AT&T's warranties and look to Upsie instead. You can purchase an Upsie warranty for smartphones bought at any time, even if the phone is several years old.
Find out more at Upsie.com/smartphone-warranty or download the Upsie app to get started.

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