Answers to the Top Questions About Mobile Phone Warranties

A mobile phone is a major, must-have expenditure in the lives of most Americans. According to Pew Research, around 76% of people worldwide have a smartphone and another 15% have other mobile phones. When you spend $300-1500 or more on a new, used, or refurbished device, you need to know it's going to last you a while. But there's a reason the Statista researchers found that people replace their smartphones every 28 months on average. And despite what some may say, it's not because you must have the latest model.
Smartphones and mobile phones go everywhere with people. They're fragile. And just one repair can cost hundreds of dollars, sometimes much more. Upsie has the answers to your most pressing questions.

How Long Do Phone Warranties Last?

Most phones come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Upsie mobile phone warranties last for up to 5 years and include accident protection, so that's plenty of time to get your money's worth out of your phone. When you buy a refurbished phone, it generally comes with a 30-day warranty. An Upsie warranty overlaps this period for damage not covered under your manufacturer warranty, like drops and spills. Then it picks up where that warranty drops off. That's why it's called an extended warranty.

How Much Should an Extended Warranty Cost?

Prices vary based on the brand and model and may change as new models come out. It also varies greatly depending on who your warranty company is.
For example, in 2019, a 128 GB Galaxy S9 Samsung warranty cost over $300 for two years of coverage with a $199 deductible. That's comparable to most insurers.
On the other hand, Upsie insures the same phone, with the same level of coverage, for only $9.99 per month with a $0 deductible for cracked screen repairs and a $109 deductible for other repairs. So there are huge savings to be had on the warranty because Upsie cuts out the middleman and passes the savings on to the consumer.
With Upsie, you can also purchase a warranty for a used or refurbished phone as long as the phone is in good working condition.

Are Warranty and Insurance the Same Thing?

The words are often used interchangeably when discussing mobile phones, but there is one clear difference. When a retailer issues insurance, it typically covers accidents, loss, and theft. Insurance tends to cost more money because of the loss and theft protection. A warranty covers everything that insurance covers except for loss and theft.
For example, Upsie's mobile phone warranty covers common manufacturer defects after your manufacturer's warranty runs out. These include things like:
  • Touch screen failure
  • Camera failure
  • Power failure
But on top of those things, they also cover the types of accidental damage you're really worried about, like:
  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Battery failure

Is an Extended Warranty Worth it?

That depends. If you pay too much for it, it's not worth it because there's always a chance you'll never need to use it. Upsie smartphone warranties are priced just right, so you can feel good about your purchase, and when the unthinkable happens, you can stay calm and know you're covered.

How Do I Get an Extended Warranty on My Phone?

Upsie makes it really easy. For smartphones, there is no eligibility window, so you can purchase a warranty for any smartphone. You'll create an account, purchase your plan, and follow the simple steps to activate coverage.

How Can I Make a Claim?

When disaster strikes, you can call Upsie 24/7/365 to make a claim. A real person who cares will be there to answer your questions and help you find the right solution. They may suggest that you:
  • Go to an Upsie-certified local repair service or the Genius Bar for iPhone repairs
  • Ship it to Upsie, where their skilled techs get to work
  • Order a replacement if your phone can’t be fixed

What if My Phone Can't Be Fixed?

If the phone cannot be repaired, or the repair exceeds the value of the phone, Upsie will offer to replace it and promptly process the request. Upsie's replacement deductible is $149.

Can I Contact Someone at Upsie with Questions?

If you still have questions you can contact Upsie on Twitter and Facebook for quick replies. Or reach a customer service representative through the website contact page.

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