Here Is Why Upsie Is the Better T-Mobile Phone Warranty

There's no denying the importance of an extended smartphone warranty, but at what cost? For T-Mobile customers, Protection 360 and Device Protection are often the go-to solutions. Yet, by T-Mobile's own admission, only its most costly packages afford customers the complete peace of mind that they deserve.
In this case, that's Protection 360. Because, while T-Mobile Device Protection is marketed as a comprehensive solution, it lacks one all-important feature: accidental damage coverage. Instead available only with Protection 360 from T-Mobile, this greater degree of coverage is, as one might expect, significantly more expensive.
Thankfully, it's not the only option. That's because Upsie offers a smartphone subscription warranty that's comparable or superior to both Protection 360 and Device Protection. However, Upsie's plans are more affordable. With that, here's a closer look at just a handful of key reasons why Upsie is a better choice than T-Mobile when it comes to smartphone warranties.

Four Reasons Why Upsie Is Better Than the T-Mobile Phone Warranty

Reason #1. Upsie Is More Affordable Than the T-Mobile Phone Warranty

Upsie's extended warranties are more affordable than warranties from carriers, including T-Mobile. Upsie cuts out numerous unnecessary middlemen in order to pass on potential savings.
Upsie's smartphone subscriptions cost just $9.99 per month.

Reason #2. Upsie's Fees Are Lower Than T-Mobile's

T-Mobile is proud to boast some of the lowest service fees on the smartphone warranty market. Despite this, Upsie remains more affordable once again. T-Mobile's service fees vary, starting with screen-only repairs limited exclusively to eligible smartphones. But Upsie's deductible amount is fixed so that customers never have to guess what the deductible will be. For example, Upsie's cracked screen repair deductible is $0.
By contrast, T-Mobile customers may have to spend at least 20 percent more, with considerably higher fees potentially owed on larger claims.

Reason #3. Upsie's Plans Are More Straightforward

Buying smartphone insurance, choosing a protection plan, or picking up an extended warranty can be a minefield of confusing and highly technical industry jargon. With Upsie, that's not the case. Instead, the extended warranty-buying process is designed to be as straightforward as possible.
Upsie's smartphone subscription is straightforward and simple. And there's no need to upload a receipt or prove when you purchased the device. Instead, Upsie covers any smartphone bought in the US as long as it is in good working condition.
Meanwhile, with T-Mobile, the process is much more complicated from the outset, starting with the confusing choice between Device Protection, Protection 360, Protection 360 for BYOD, Premium Handset Protection, Service Contract Device Protection, Insurance Device Protection, and numerous other options.
From there, the rest of the process varies. Some options involve a long-winded series of questions and changing prices depending on how those questions are answered. For most T-Mobile customers, the warranty-buying process will also mean using two or more websites or services. One isn't even from T-Mobile, but from their underwriter, Assurant.
On the other hand, Upsie's process is quick via the dedicated Upsie website or smartphone app.

Reason #4. Upsie Is Proudly Independent

Unlike the T-Mobile phone warranty and other alternatives such as AppleCare+, Upsie is entirely independent. Not constrained by restrictions imposed by manufacturers and retailers, Upsie can offer a carefully and uniquely tailored service that's second to none. It's Upsie's proudly independent nature that also makes potential savings possible.
Furthermore, while T-Mobile's Protection 360 and Device Protection customers subsequently end up dealing with the company's underwriter, the 2.9-star-rated Assurant, Upsie handles all of its own claims. Accordingly, customers benefit from dealing exclusively with members of Upsie's award-winning team at all times.

Ready to Get Started With Upsie?

Are you ready to get started with a more affordable, more straightforward, and proudly independent Upsie warranty? That's great!
Real protection made really affordable, why pay more? Upsie's two-year smartphone warranties cost just $9.99 per month. Comprehensive protection for accidental drops and spills is included as standard with every smartphone warranty policy. Additionally, all Upsie smartphone plans have low deductibles.
A choice of repair and replacement options are available. In addition, iPhone owners can even request to get their smartphones fixed at one of Apple's Genius Bars.

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