New Fitbit Health Features for Smartwatches

Fitbit was one of the first health-related wearables on the market, and today it remains a popular choice for health enthusiasts. Explore some of the new health features included with the latest updates.

What is a Fitbit Smartwatch?

Fitbit is a smartwatch with built-in functionality to monitor things like steps and other health-related stats. The original version was thin and long, but newer versions look similar to Apple Watch and come in various models and colors with matching bands.
To remain competitive, Fitbit has recently boosted its line of Fitbit devices with a bunch of new health features.
  • Charge 5: Fitbit has loaded the new Charge 5 model with six months of Premium features, including activity and sleep tracking and stress management apps.
  • Sense: The new Sense model comes with six months free of the Calm Meditation app to help your mind and body relax and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Fitbit Health Features

Even if you wear a Fitbit every day, there are dozens of Fitbit health features you may not be using. Here are some of the most important health features that Fitbit users have access to.

Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications

The latest update to the Fitbit software now includes monitoring and notifications if you experience atrial fibrillation (a-fib), which is an unusually fast heartbeat that can indicate a more serious heart issue.
The best part about this new feature is that you don’t have to have an app open for it to work. Instead, it monitors you passively as you wear the watch. The new feature will also work on older models like the Versa (2,3,4), Luxe, Versa Lite, Sense, Charge 5, and Inspire 2. It’s important to note that the a-fib feature doesn’t monitor you continuously but instead at regular intervals throughout the day.

Sleep Tracking with Sleep Score

Want to get a better night’s sleep? The latest Fitbit models track your sleep and give you a score each night to illustrate how well you rested. Tracking your sleep and changing health habits can improve your overall well-being drastically.

Active Zone Minutes

The Active Zone feature helps you when you exercise so you can achieve your target heart rate and keep it elevated for maximum benefit. It also helps you track your fitness goals.

Exercise Modes and Smart Track

Another Fitbit health feature designed to help you reach your activity goals is the Exercise Models and Smart Track option. You can choose from 20 different modes to track your workouts and achieve your fitness goals for a healthier lifestyle.

EDA Stress Tracker

Everyone experiences stress differently. Using the Fitbit device, you can see how your body handles stress. The EDA (electrodermal activity) monitors and registers changes in your skin to deliver notifications about your stress level so you can address it quickly. In addition, Fitbit encourages users to engage in mindfulness practices such as controlled breathing and meditation to alleviate the effects of stress on the body.


Fitbit’s Premium service includes six months free of the Calm Meditation app, workouts from Les Mills and Daily Burn, healthy recipes from Eating Well, audio workouts, and more mindful content from Deepak Chopra, Aura, and other spiritual gurus.

Fitbit Warranty Considerations

When you purchase any piece of complex technology, you want to know it’s covered in the event of an accident or manufacturer’s defects. The Fitbit warranty, like most others, is a limited warranty promising to fix manufacturing defects, but it will not cover accidents or damage that you cause. The Fitbit warranty also only covers you for one year.
Anything you wear on your body will be subject to wear and tear and possible damage. It’s safe to assume that you might drop, crack, or immerse your Fitbit in water. Unfortunately, Fitbit does not cover any of these items if you damage your watch accidentally.
Thankfully, Upsie’s extended Fitbit warranty covers accidental damage like spills, cracks, drops, water damage, and even manufacturing defects and mechanical failures. Customers love that Upsie’s extended warranty costs up to 70% less than other extended warranties. Upsie also allows you to transfer the warranty if you sell the device.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can reach Upsie’s claims services 24/7 and speak with live support. If your watch requires repair, Upsie works with local certified repair technicians to fix it fast.
The cost of any smartwatch is not cheap. Do yourself a favor and protect it with the best extended warranty available.

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