Getting To Know the Samsung 2022 Soundbar Offerings

A great home theater system can turn movie night into an unforgettable experience. While it may be tempting to skimp on the sound in favor of an even larger screen, this lackluster approach is a huge mistake, given the realities of today’s impressive sound systems.
Surround sound may not be realistic for many setups, but thankfully, a great alternative exists: soundbars. These pump out cinema-quality audio while occupying a small amount of space in front of the television. Samsung is a definite industry leader, boasting a long history in all things consumer electronics. Recently, the tech titan unveiled its 2022 soundbar lineup.
Interested in purchasing a Samsung soundbar but not sure it’s worth the investment? Keep reading to learn more about top Samsung 2022 soundbar offerings.

Dolby Atmos Support for Samsung 2022 Soundbar Offerings

Anyone who has seen a movie in the last several decades has likely become familiar with Dolby. The Dolby logo splashes on-screen before most Hollywood blockbusters, letting viewers know that a remarkable audio experience awaits. Dolby’s latest and greatest feat — Dolby Atmos — provides spatial audio in a small package.
Audiophiles love this technology. Even those who swear they don’t need surround sound quickly become believers once they hear it for themselves.
Samsung’s latest Q series soundbars utilize Dolby Atmos to great effect. The Q990B is a completely wireless model with eleven front and surround sound channels, a booming subwoofer, and four up-firing channels.
What, exactly, does up-firing mean? The two rear speakers in the Q990B direct audio up towards the ceiling. When the audio bounces back down towards the listener, the up-and-down effect combines to create a more spatial, 3D sound quality. This is one of the strongest selling points for the Q990B.
Another reason to take the plunge with the Q990B? SpaceFit Sound. This feature analyzes the room and custom tailors the sound profile for optimum performance.
As a total package, the Q990B looks to set a new standard for Samsung surround sound systems. Consumers will find out for themselves when it hits store shelves this summer. Tech lovers will need that time to save up, as the Q990B is expected to retail with a price tag north of $1399.

A New Slim Soundbar

It’s hard to innovate in the home entertainment space these days. Samsung, however, managed to find a way when they unveiled The Frame. This gorgeous-looking television features a barely-there matte bezel in any color the customer wants. The goal? To essentially turn that TV on the wall into a framed work of art.
A discreet 4K TV that can double as an art piece is a cool idea, but looks aren’t everything. A great home theater also has to sound amazing, which is where the HW-S800 comes in. This slick-looking soundbar will pair great with The Frame since they both feature a matching 40mm thickness.
This will be available in two colors: black and white. More importantly, it should offer the excellent sound quality that users expect from Samsung. For those interested in replacing their entire home theater setup, pairing The Frame with the HW-S800 soundbar could be a fantastic idea.
As with the previously mentioned Q990B, the HW-S800 is expected to make its way to stores by the early summer. This Dolby Atmos capable soundbar should retail for around $799.

Upsie Warranties for Samsung 2022 Soundbar Options

Don’t let a broken soundbar ruin family movie night. Protect this valuable investment with a soundbar extended warranty from Upsie. Online claims can be made 24 hours a day — and friendly claims support is always available to provide assistance. Better yet, an Upsie extended warranty features easy-to-understand terms and conditions at a great price. Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. As a result, customers get the best protection at the best price.

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