Nintendo Switch Lite – Why I Did Not Buy the Smaller Console

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released on September 20, 2019. There have been a ton of mixed feelings since the device’s announcement. Many people, including myself, have made their final decision to stick with the original Switch over the Switch Lite. But if you are still debating on getting it or not, make sure to check out our previous blog post “Which Nintendo Switch is Right for You?” to figure out if you should snag it or hang on to your original Switch.

The Original Nintendo Switch

One of the main, and possibly even biggest, reasons as to why I’m not getting the Nintendo Switch Lite is that I already own the original Nintendo Switch. My current Switch can do everything the Switch Lite can and even more. One of those things include playing certain games that require you to have detachable Joy-Cons. However, there’s not just that, but a couple other things the original Switch has over the Switch Lite that are listed below.

Console mode

I’ve grown up playing both consoles and handheld devices. I’ve played both of them equally over many years. However, there are times I would have loved to play a game on my handheld with a bigger screen to get more out of it. That’s the part the Switch Lite is missing: having the ability to do both console and handheld modes.

Freedom to customize

You can mix and match controllers on the original Switch. It allows you to show off your personality a bit more to others than simply selecting a color on the Switch Lite. For example, I love the original neon red and blue Joy-Cons. But I also own the Splatoon pink and green Joy-Cons and will be buying the purple and orange Joy-Cons that are released in October. If you couldn’t tell, I love bright colors. Yet on the other hand, my friend has the simple gray Joy-Cons as he loves the sleek look it gives the system.

Starting over with a new console is time consuming

The Switch came out over two years ago. That means there have been over two years of released games and save files created for those games. There are many games I haven’t finished. Switching over to the new Switch Lite would mean starting over or running two games side by side, which can be overkill. Game data can’t be transferred between the two systems at this time. If Nintendo introduced that in the future, I’d consider the Switch Lite even more.
I must say, though, that I’m not swearing off ever getting the Switch Lite. I loves all consoles that come out and I love trying out the different generations and models. What does appeal to me about the Switch Lite is how it is smaller and looks more durable than the original Switch. I’m always scared of bringing my Switch outside of the living room due to the fear of breaking it. That’s where I think the Switch Lite would come in handy. Not only that, but they are already releasing exclusive designs for the Switch Lite. The first being the Zacian and Zamazenta editions for the new Pokémon game. Perhaps, down the line, if they release an exclusive design for one of my favorite games, I would jump on board.

Please protect your Nintendo Switch with a Warranty

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Article written by Upsie’s Customer Service Specialist, Rose.

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