How to Select the Best RGB Peripherals for Gaming

A great way to build an atmosphere in any area used for gaming is with RGB lighting. Accordingly, RGB lighting strips are a common addition to such spaces. Affordable and easy to install, they allow gamers to dial in specific lighting conditions to set the mood perfectly.
There are plenty of other ways to build upon the same idea, too. These range from built-in RGB cooling fans for gaming PCs to matching light-up wall art. With a bit of imagination, the opportunities are potentially endless.
It’s also possible to take things one step further with any number of separate RGB peripherals for gaming. Moreover, choose products that work in the same lighting management ecosystem, and they’re easily synced as well. A great place to start for PC gamers is with an RGB keyboard.

Start With an RGB Keyboard

When it comes to the best RGB peripherals for gaming, a perfect place to start is with a keyboard. It’s also an ideal opportunity to pick a lighting management ecosystem. Asus, Corsair, HyperX, Logitech, Razer, and Steelseries all offer software platforms specifically designed to control RGB lighting.
When selecting an RGB keyboard and other peripherals, the simplest option is to stick with one manufacturer and, therefore, the same software platform. However, various RGB lighting ecosystems now offer a degree of cross-compatibility, such as Aura Sync from Asus. As a result, it’s increasingly feasible to pick and choose from different brands while using just one platform.
Strictly in terms of deciding on a keyboard, look for a model with at least a six-key rollover, macros, and mechanical switches. Prices vary, but some mechanical gaming keyboards with or without RGB lighting can be wildly expensive. As such, it’s crucial to set a budget and stick to it.

Upgrade With an RGB Controller

PC gamers and console owners alike can easily upgrade their experiences with an RGB video game controller. Many are compatible with both PCs and consoles. These provide excellent value for money where a gamer plays on various systems. One of numerous awesome PC video game controllers also compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles, for example, is the Spectra Infinity.
It’s also much more affordable than many other options. However, despite offering plenty of customizable color combinations, it doesn’t provide much in the way of cross-compatibility lighting-wise. Just as with RGB keyboards for gaming, it’s a valuable reminder of the importance of choosing a primary lighting management system and sticking to it.

Add an RGB Peripherals Mouse and Mousepad

For PC gamers, another fantastic option is an RGB mouse. Not only that, various RGB mousepads are available, too. When correctly synced, this RGB mouse and mousepad combination can look fantastic, especially as part of a wider space designed with gaming firmly in mind.
When choosing a gaming mouse, it’s vital to ensure it’s a comfortable size. It’s similarly important that a particular mouse matches an individual gamer’s preferred grip style. It’s also a good idea to explore the various input options on offer, as well as the latency and sensitivity of different models.
Meanwhile, it’s essential to remember that even the best mouse can be let down by a poor mousepad. Therefore, when shopping for RGB options, it may be pertinent to choose a corresponding mousepad from the same manufacturer. Alternatively, go for one that’s highly rated and, ideally, compatible with whichever wider lighting ecosystem is planned or already in place.

Protect Your Gaming Gear and RGB Peripherals

Gaming gear is expensive. It’s also at an inherent risk of faults, failures, accidental damage, and other mishaps. One way to safeguard against such eventualities is with an extended warranty. Extended warranties prolong the period during which things like keyboards and controllers are covered following manufacturing defects and mechanical failures.
The best gaming-focused extended warranties also add a further degree of protection in the form of accidental damage coverage. With that, policyholders and their gaming gear are insured against drops, cracks, liquid spills, and other potentially costly unintentional mishaps.

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