Four Home Security Essentials to Provide Security in 2022

Home security has come a long way since the days of a chain link fence with a “Beware of Dog” sign on it. Technology has made protecting the home easier — and more fun — than ever before. With so many tech companies wanting to get a piece of the action in this growing market, great options abound. Keep reading to learn about some of the best home security essentials that no homeowner should go without.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

A smart doorbell can do so much more than catch porch pirates pilfering packages from Amazon. The Arlo Essential, for example, earns its name by offering a fantastic suite of features.
The experts at Wirecutter rave about the Arlo’s ability to prevent false alarms. How does it accomplish this? The Arlo is smart enough to know what is passing into its view. This way, a garbage truck or neighborhood dog won’t be confused for a burglar and set off the alarm.
Yes, there are several different smart doorbell models to choose from — and yes, competitors like Ring and Wyze offer great products. That being said, the Arlo Essential and its $129 price tag are hard to pass up.

Schlage Encode

Forgetful consumers who frequently find themselves locked out of the house without their keys will love the Schlage Encode. Not only does it feature a keypad for easy entry, but also the standard keyhole for those who prefer to enter in an old-school manner. This smart lock even features support for Amazon Key, in which the Amazon delivery driver can enter the home using a code to deliver packages.
No worries if the person attempting to gain entry isn’t a delivery driver; the Encode will scare this individual into the next zip code with its incredibly loud alarm. At $260, it’s definitely more expensive than the deadbolts at the local hardware store — but also a lot more fun to use and a lot more impressive to observe.

Nest Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Modern technology has made it a breeze to place security cameras virtually anywhere indoors or outside. Google’s Nest cameras, for example, can be used in all kinds of different situations. Top purposes involve nanny cams or outdoor security cameras.
As far as home security essentials go, battery-operated cameras are simple to install and discreet enough to fool intruders. What’s more, they can be easily used via an Android phone. Video looks great in 1080p — and the device is smart enough to tell the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. One Nest camera retails for $179, with Google giving shoppers a slight price break when they purchase two of them for $329.

Motorola Flex Smart Safe

Once the outside of the home is safe and secure, it’s easy to forget about the inside. To neglect the interior would be a mistake, however, as the greatest threats could easily come from within. From roommates to housekeepers (not to mention nannies or babysitters) this device is essential for keeping valuables secure.
The Motorola Flex Smart Safe is small enough to stash in any room in the house — and can be installed without tools. Connecting the safe to WiFi and utilizing the Motorola Smart Safe app allows the user to keep an eye on valuables 24/7. Best of all, the safe can be opened remotely via the app. This is an excellent option when users forget their keys or cannot remember necessary codes.

Extra Security from Upsie

Protecting the home with an assortment of security devices is essential. Beyond this, however, it’s important to protect the devices themselves. A backup in the form of an extended warranty from Upsie will ensure that your investment lasts for years. Upsie can cover outdoor cameras, smart doorbells, and a wide array of other devices. Should any problems arise, Upsie’s 24/7 online claims and quality customer support are there to help.

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