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Focusing at home can be frustrating when you’re bombarded with distractions. Finding the right tech to make your office more comfortable can help you to be more productive throughout the day. Here are five of the best tech options to increase your productivity.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to be distracted by barking dogs, screaming kids, and other sounds that bombard you from every direction. One of the most useful devices that can help you focus and become more productive in a home setting is noise-canceling headphones.
With a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can block out distractions and focus on what’s in front of you. Some of the best headphones for remote workers include:
After purchasing a pair of headphones, remember to pair them with an Upsie extended warranty. With an Upsie warranty, you can protect your headphones from accidental damage, such as drops and spills. As a result, you can focus on being more productive without worrying about your tech.

2. Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors allow you to view more on the same screen. It’s easier to multitask, have multiple windows open simultaneously, and keep better track of your projects. In addition, an ultrawide monitor is perfect for audio and video editing, gaming, art projects, and writing.
Alienware offers a Curved Ultrawide Monitor with 3840 x 1600 resolution for $1,459. Although this option is fairly expensive, it’s one of the best on the market. Remote workers should also consider a dual-monitor setup.
Upsie offers warranties for monitors, laptops, and PCs. For example, a three-year Upsie warranty for the Alienware Curved Ultrawide Monitor costs just $103.99. This warranty protects the monitor from power failure, motherboard and computer failure, WiFi issues, and screen failure.

3. Espresso Machine

Having access to an easy, efficient, and high-quality coffee maker first thing in the morning is essential for many at-home employees. Some of the best espresso machines for your home kitchen include:
With these machines, you can have fresh, hot espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and more while you look over your morning emails. However, these wonderful machines are not cheap. Luckily, Upsie also offers espresso and coffee machine warranties for machines that cost up to $1,999.99.

4. High-Speed WiFi Router

When working from home, a stable internet connection is not optional. Unfortunately, many people use outdated routers with unstable and unreliable internet connections. Upgrading your router can help you work faster and spend less time waiting for your web pages to load.
One of the best routers on the market today is the Google WiFi Mesh Router. You can purchase a pack of three for around $199. They are easy to install and can extend your WiFi to all corners of your home, enabling you to work wherever you need.
To protect your WiFi router, you can purchase a two-year Upsie warranty for $9.99. Upsie router warranty extends the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your router continues to work as intended.

5. Air Purifier

Whether or not you work from home, you should consider purchasing an air purifier. The air in your home is filled with allergens from pets, dust, and chemicals. This can lead to allergies, asthma, and make you more likely to get sick throughout the year.
Air purifiers remove allergens and toxins from the air to improve your health and make your home a cleaner space. With clean air, you’ll find it easier to focus and be more productive.
Upsie’s air purifier warranties extend the limited warranty to keep the air purifier safe from manufacturing defects for up to three years. Upsie also has warranties for other small appliances, including sound machines, popcorn makers, microwaves, and more.

Protect Your New Tech With Upsie

Upsie offers a range of comprehensive warranties for devices and appliances. Upsie offers warranties for laptops, routers, air purifiers, coffee makers, and more.
In addition, customers can purchase an Upsie smartphone subscription warranty for both new and old smartphones. Upsie’s subscription warranty costs just $9.99 per month and includes comprehensive protection against accidental damage. Plus, Upsie has a $0 cracked screen deductible, making it more affordable than ever to protect your phone.
Protect your tech with Upsie today.

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