Do You Need a Warranty for Your Gaming Headphones?

Whether a warranty is necessary for a particular product often hinges on several factors, and headphones are no exception. While all come with a degree of limited warranty coverage from new, an extended warrant offers further protection in various areas.
Extended warranties are essential for gaming headphones and headsets. Read on to find out why.

Four Reasons to Take Out a Gaming Headphones Warranty

Headphones and headsets are a crucial part of most gamers’ experiences. Gamers have access to a dizzying array of choices, including both wired and wireless models, with some examples costing hundreds of dollars. Taking into account all of this and more, what follows is just a small handful of reasons why a gaming headphone warranty is such a good idea, particularly in 2022.

Reason #1: Cost

As already established, the best gaming headsets and headphones can be an expensive proposition. And that’s not just in terms of purchasing at the outset, either. If something goes wrong, they’re invariably costly to fix. If it doesn’t make sense to fix them, replacing them may be necessary.
Thankfully, there’s no need to worry on either of these fronts with an extended warranty. For example, with an extended headphone warranty from Upsie, gamers are protected against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. In addition, with Upsie, various repair and replacement options cover almost all eventualities, offering complete peace of mind for up to three years.

Reason #2: Likelihood of Damage

All headphones and headsets are at an ever-present risk of accidental damage by their very nature. Quite often, mishaps are unavoidable. It’s something that’s especially true when it comes to gaming equipment, where drops, cracks, liquid spills, and more can all result in serious damage.
Not all extended warranties cover accidental damage, of course. The best do, though, including all of Upsie’s policies. The same also applies to Upsie’s entire range of video gaming warranty solutions, plus packages for gaming-focused laptops, smartphones, and more.

Reason #3: Rapid Repairs

If a pair of gaming headphones goes faulty, repairs can be a real headache. Finding a suitable repairer can take days or even weeks.
However, with an extended warranty, customers have nothing to worry about. Having locked in a policy with Upsie, the process is as straightforward as possible. Whether a pair of headphones or a gaming headset succumb to a fault or an instance of accidental damage, Upsie’s claims center is open 24/7/365 to take customers’ calls.
Once they approve a claim, technicians schedule repairs at the first opportunity. As a result, gamers are often back up and running in no time.

Reason #4: Availability of Tech

Finally, and something that’s especially pertinent in 2022, is availability. Owing to the ongoing global chip shortage, many of the most popular tech-focused devices are in short supply. It’s something that any gamer still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 will be only too aware of.
However, the same supply chain issues have made it difficult to get hold of gaming headsets as well. Accordingly, a comprehensive extended warranty can help safeguard against the need to replace such items.
Repaired instead, it’s for the same reason that extended PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and other game console warranties, too, are further advisable, especially at the moment.

Perks of Choosing Upsie for Your Gaming Headphones Warranty

In addition to cost-saving, protecting against damage, facilitating rapid repairs, and mitigating the potential need to replace highly sought-after tech, all of Upsie’s headphone and gaming headset warranties also include various other perks.
For starters, Upsie customers get unlimited claims up to a headset or pair of headphones’ purchase price. In addition, customers gain repair and replacement options. All Upsie warranties are fully transferable, too. With that, the balance of an extended warranty can be passed on should an individual choose to sell or gift their headphones or headset at a later date.
Even better still, Upsie’s extended headphone warranties cost up to 70 percent less than policies sold elsewhere. It’s something that’s made possible exclusively by dealing directly with Upsie’s warranty experts rather than taking out an overpriced extended gaming headphones warranty from a manufacturer or retailer.
Policies are available for all popular gaming headphones and headsets. To learn more, visit or download the Upsie smartphone app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to lock in coverage in as little as five minutes.

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