Everything We Learned From Samsung UNPACKED 2021

Samsung is one of the undisputed titans in the world of consumer electronics, so it's only fitting that it hosts a special event showcasing their newest electronic goodies. This opportunity recently took the form of the much-anticipated Samsung UNPACKED 2021. The acclaimed event certainly lived up to expectations, with the South Korean device maker showing off a bevy of snazzy phones, smartwatches, and even earbuds.
The hype is only beginning, with Samsung UNPACKED providing a mere preview of all that is to come. Keep reading to learn about everything on display at this exciting event — and for insight on when, exactly, consumers can expect to get their hands on Samsung's latest products.

New Smartwatches

Intense competition in the burgeoning smartwatch market has given shoppers a wealth of options at every price level. Samsung's newest offerings — the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic — range dramatically in price. The two watches ring in at $249 for the entry-level version of the Watch4 all the way up to $429 for the stainless steel version of the Watch4 Classic.
Consumers who have already bought into the Samsung ecosystem and own a Galaxy phone will love how these new watches integrate with their handsets. With more third-party apps available than the previous generation of the Galaxy Watch — as well as vastly improved software for tracking physical activity and health — there's good reason to opt for the newest version of the Galaxy Watch. Available in late August, tech-savvy shoppers have already preordered both Galaxy watches en masse.

Galaxy Buds 2

Retailing for just $150, the newest iteration of Samsung's Galaxy Buds provides a fantastic value. After all, Apple's Airpods Pro checks in at $249. As such, it's nice to see Samsung offering a middle-of-the-road alternative.
Sound quality is exactly what enthusiasts have come to expect from Samsung — top of the line. The fit and look of the new Buds 2 make them very inconspicuous, although they are available in four colors.
As is the case with Samsung smartwatches, the Galaxy Buds 2 will work better when paired with a Samsung phone or Android handset in general. By now, however, consumers have mostly picked a side in the device wars.
For those who already own a pair of the premium Galaxy Buds Pro, there's no need to opt for these new buds. However, for everyone else still in the market for a set of reliable earbuds, Samsung's newest offering is right up their alley. So be prepared: the Galaxy Buds 2 hit store shelves on August 27th.

Samsung's New Smartphone Gamble

Samsung is betting big on users craving a compact, foldable phone. Enter the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G: an amazing piece of technology equipped with a 7.6 inch AMOLED screen that, when flat, offers 2208x1768 resolution. Powered by the newest Snapdragon 888 CPU, the Galaxy Z Fold3 feels like the kind of device normally reserved for movies set in the far future.
Not to be overshadowed, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has a lot of the same technical specs as its sibling. That said, the design on this phone allows the screen to flip up or down like a compact.
Both devices are premium pieces of technology. As a result, consumers will pay an appropriately premium price for them. An unlocked Fold3 5G with 512GB of storage starts at $1899, with the Flip3 5G checking in at just over $1000 for the 256GB model.
Of course, both phones can be had for cheaper if purchased through a cell provider. Still, this may be a pricey proposition for a device that won't appeal to all consumers. Interested shoppers have until August 27th to save their money. At that point, Samsung enthusiasts will need to act quickly to snatch up a phone before they sell out.

Warranties for the New Samsung Devices

The Samsung UNPACKED left us with a lot to think about. And there's a lot to love about Samsung's upcoming devices, but they remain as vulnerable to damage as their predecessors. Peace of mind won't be possible without an extended warranty. Luckily, consumers can purchase an extended warranty through Upsie.
Upsie covers foldable phones, smartwatches, non-foldable smartphones, earbuds, and more.
By cutting out the middleman, Upsie saves consumers money on their extended warranty while still offering a premium service. For example, Upsie covers accidental damage from drops and spills as well as manufacturer defects.
Also, look for Upsie's smartphone subscription warranties that cost just $9.99 per month for comprehensive coverage.

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