Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It? (Plus the best one!)

Cell phone insurance has many names, including smartphone coverage, smartphone warranty, and cell phone protection plan. Regardless of what it is called, these plans offer vital protection for your smartphone. Most plans cover accidental damage, like cracked screens, so you can get your phone repaired without paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket.

However, is it worth it to purchase cell phone insurance? Let’s dive into the details of smartphone warranties to find out whether buying a plan makes sense.

What Is Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance guarantees your phone from damage. With an insurance plan, you won’t have to cover the full cost of repairs if you damage the device or if the device experiences a defect. Plans also vary from provider to provider. For example, some providers will only cover new phones, while others are flexible and cover new, old, and used phones.

Cell phone insurance, or a smartphone warranty, is different from the manufacturer's warranty. New smartphones come with a limited plan from the manufacturer that usually warranties the device for 12 months. The limited warranty protects the device from manufacturing defects but not from accidental damage.

There are several benefits of having smartphone insurance, including:

  • Affordable repairs
  • Protection after the limited warranty expires
  • Additional coverage not covered by the limited warranty

Most cell phone insurance plans also have deductibles that vary per provider. For example, with Upsie, the deductible to fix a cracked screen is $0. In contrast, a cracked screen deductible with Allstate costs $149.

In addition, some warranty plans will have you pay upfront, while others use a subscription plan instead. There are pros and cons to either plan. However, many customers prefer the subscription plan because it’s easier to customize the plan’s length.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Smartphone Without a Warranty?

When trying to decide whether cell phone insurance is worth it, it’s important to take a look at the cost of repairing your phone without a warranty. The most common type of smartphone damage is screen cracks from accidental damage. For example, a poll from Statista notes that 74% of individuals with broken phones said that the damage was the result of dropping the phone on the ground.

According to Home Advisor, the typical price range for repairing a broken phone screen is between $70 and $400 (depending on the model of the phone). The average price to repair your phone screen is $200.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Smartphone With a Warranty?

With a smartphone warranty, you won’t have to pay the entire upfront cost to fix your phone. It’s also important to note that the cost of smartphone warranties varies depending on which provider you choose to purchase from. In most cases, third-party warranty providers are more affordable than plans from phone carriers like AT&T or Verizon.

Upsie’s smartphone warranty plans are extremely affordable and cost only $9.99 per month. Because Upsie’s plans are affordable, we’ll use their pricing to determine the cost of repairing a cracked screen.

Upsie has an industry-low deductible for cracked screen repairs — $0. This means you’ll pay nothing when you go into a repair shop to get your screen repaired. If you keep Upsie’s subscription service for one year, you’ll pay $119.88 over the course of 12 months. If your screen cracks, you can get the repair for free. In addition, Upsie’s customers can make two claims every 12 months. This means customers can get two cracked screen repairs for half the cost of paying for a single repair out-of-warranty.

Protecting your phone with an Upsie warranty is the clear choice.

Carrier Cell Phone Insurance Options

Some of the most common smartphone insurance options are from smartphone carriers. When you purchase a smartphone from your cell carrier, they often try to sell you a phone warranty at the counter. However, these phone plans are often overpriced. Here’s a breakdown of warranty costs from the top cell phone carriers.

AT&T Smartphone Warranty

With an AT&T warranty plan, customers pay $17 per month. AT&T’s cracked screen deductible is $29. However, the provider has a list of phones that aren’t eligible for the $29 repair. Make sure to check with AT&T to see if your phone qualifies for the lowered deductible. If it doesn’t, you’ll pay the standard deductible, which costs as much as $250 for a repair.

T-Mobile Smartphone Warranty

With a T-Mobile plan, customers pay $16 per month. However, for some phone models, the plan will cost up to $18. The deductible also varies depending on the phone model and damage. You’ll pay between $29 and $225 for a repair through T-Mobile.

Verizon Smartphone Warranty

Customers who subscribe to Verizon’s warranty plan will pay $17 per month. Like the other providers, Verizon’s deductible varies drastically. A cracked screen repair will cost $29, but other repairs could cost up to $249.

The Best Cell Phone Insurance Is From Upsie

Upsie’s smartphone warranties are affordable with low deductibles and transparent plans. To make sure customers are happy, Uspie ensures that all of its warranty information is easy to find and clear to see.

Upsie has three deductibles: $0 for screen repairs, $109 for other repairs, and $149 for phone replacements. Beyond that, you’ll pay no additional fees. Upsie’s smartphone subscription plan is risk-free as well. Customers receive full refunds if they cancel within the first 30 days and can cancel the plan at any time after with no penalties or fees. As a result, customers get the coverage they need when they need it.

The best part about Upsie’s warranties is that customers can purchase a warranty for new, old, and used phones that have no current damage. You can buy an Upsie warranty for your two-year-old phone and get the same coverage for a smartphone purchased yesterday.

Upsie is the clear choice when it comes to affordable and comprehensive smartphone protection.

So, Is Smartphone Insurance Worth It?

Yes, smartphone insurance is worth the cost, as long as you purchase the warranty from a trusted and affordable provider. If you choose to purchase the warranty from an overpriced carrier, you will end up paying more than you need to. On the other hand, if you purchase a warranty from Upsie, you will save money every time you need a repair or replacement.

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