Where to Get a Local Phone Repair (Out of Warranty)

Key Points:

  • Limited manufacturer warranties don’t cover the most common damage - accidents.
  • Getting your phone repaired at an independently owned repair shop is easier than you think.
  • Contact Upsie and have a repair scheduled for you.

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First Steps After Breaking Your Smartphone

If your phone is broken, the first thing you should do is check the warranty. All new smartphones should come with a limited warranty that lasts for 12 months and covers manufacturing defects. If there's a manufacturing defect, you can contact the manufacturer, and they should cover the cost of the repair.

However, if the phone has accidental damage, you can’t use the manufacturer’s warranty. Unless you have an extended warranty plan with accidental damage protection (ADH), you’ll have to cover the cost of the repair or replacement.

If you’re not sure whether you purchased ADH, you can call your phone carrier or manufacturer. However, carriers and manufacturers often prioritize replacements and upgrades so they can sell you a new device rather than repairing the device that you currently have. In addition, most customers don’t purchase ADH when they get a new phone — less than 40% of people have a warranty plan with ADH.

Repairing your device instead of replacing it is the best choice. It’s more affordable, sustainable, and faster than getting a replacement. When choosing a location for repairs, a great option is to work with a local repair provider.

Are There Benefits to Working With Local Repair Providers?

You have a lot of options to repair your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you can take it to the Genius Bar. However, you’ll often overpay for repairs and you have to make an appointment, which can book days or weeks in advance. In addition, some Genius Bar locations are in inconvenient locations, like malls or high-end retail areas.

A better option is to work with a local, independently-owned repair shop. Here are some of the benefits of local repairs.

  • Save Money: Local repair shops cost less than repairs from large businesses like the Genius Bar and uBreakiFix. By choosing a local shop, you can save money on the cost of the smartphone repair.
  • Faster and More Convenient: You can often find repair shops in your local area, rather than driving an hour or more to the Genius bar.
  • Support Local Smart Business: One of the best advantages of working with an independently-owned repair shop is that you support small businesses in your area.
  • Great Customer Service: Small businesses care about their customers and are able to provide personalized service.

The most important thing is to find a shop that you trust. The next section will help you find the best shop in your area.

How Do You Find Good Local Repair Shops?

Choosing a repair shop can be daunting when there are so many options. Here are some things to look for to find the best repair shop.

  • Independent shops: Although national chains might be easier to find, independent shops often offer more personalized repairs.
  • Years of experience: Older shops with seasoned professionals may provide better service. You can ask your repair professional how long they have been doing repairs.
  • Customer reviews: The most important thing is to check the customer reviews. Customers often leave honest reviews based on the service they receive. Also, note how the shop responds to poor reviews — do they deflect or do they look to resolve the issue?

If you’re struggling to find a repair shop, you can use Upsie’s repair network for fixing cracked screens, even if you don’t have a warranty on your smartphone.

Find Local Phone Repairs for Cracked Screens With Upsie

Upsie makes the process of selecting a repair shop easier. Instead of having to sift through options, Upsie will schedule a repair for you with a fully vetted, high-quality repair shop in your area. Plus, Upsie gives you a discount on the cost of the repair. You’ll pay up to $20 less than the walk-in price while still receiving quality service with a top-rated repair provider.

All repairs scheduled with Upsie include a 90-day guarantee on all parts that were fixed or replaced during the repair. Upsie promises satisfaction and the repair is entirely refundable.

After the phone is repaired, you can also purchase a smartphone subscription warranty to save money on future repairs. Upsie’s smartphone subscriptions cost just $9.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties. Best of all, Upsie’s cracked screen deductible is $0. That means you’ll pay nothing the next time you need to get your cracked screen repaired.

To purchase an Upsie warranty, your phone must be in good working order. So, although you can’t purchase Upsie’s warranties for broken phones, you can purchase one as soon as the phone is fixed. Upsie protects old, new, and used phones, regardless of when you bought it. You also don’t need your smartphone’s receipt to purchase the warranty.

Upsie has the largest network of fully vetted independent repair shops nationwide ready to help you save money on repairs. Visit Upsie’s site today to learn more.

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