Upsie Launches a Complete Brand Refresh

Upsie was founded in 2015 by Clarence Bethea. He had a vision to bring warranty protection to consumers that’s affordable, simple to understand and easy to use. While we still hold those core values close, they have developed and grown into the trustworthy brand that Upsie is today.
“As Upsie continues to grow, we know it’s important to mature the brand,” said Clarence Bethea. “We’re constantly improving our technology and customer experience, so it was time for our visuals to catch up.”
And catch up they did. We are thrilled to show you our new branding! This light, clean look represents who we are as a company: a young but flourishing brand that customers can depend on to protect the devices they love. All of this is thanks to a fantastic branding agency called Ocupop.
“We’ve always known who we are and what we stand for. Our team shows it in the work they do every day,” said Clarence Bethea. “But we were struggling in expressing that through our branding. So I’m extremely grateful that we found Ocupop! They truly listened to our vision and crafted the perfect new look that will take Upsie to the next level.”

Our Values Take Center Stage in Our Rebrand:

Empathy – We are real people serving real people and understand that a broken device can derail your daily schedule. When it’s time, our claims team is ready to come to your rescue. Our new illustrations depicting people with soft lines and welcoming shapes will help portray this understanding and humanize our brand.
Authenticity – Our customers drive us to do our best every day. We never say one thing, do another and hide behind the fine print. Instead, we choose to stand out in the open so our customers can see us for who we are: hardworking humans who want our customers to have a fantastic warranty experience. Light tones and warm colors represent us well.
Reliability – We do whatever we can to help our customers, and we truly believe that they’ll be able to navigate the site more easily with our new designs. Furthermore, we are actively building out our team to have weekend customer service coverage in addition to 24/7/365 claims.
Rebellious – We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions – of the big guys OR of ourselves. Forget the status quo and how it’s always been done! We’re rewriting the rules so you come out ahead.
Did you notice anything in those values? They are all centered around our customers, and that will never change. Customers were, currently are, and will always be the heartbeat of Upsie.
Our core new branding has already launched, but more and more of the site will be updated over the next few weeks. Let us know what you think!

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