Prime Day 2021 Is Coming: What to Expect in Laptop Deals

Prime Day is coming up soon. Amazon recently announced that it will be held on June 21st and 22nd. Every year, Amazon trots out deep discounts on certain items, including many of its own products. The sales are fast and furious, and it’s generally just a ton to try to keep track of.
That said, every year, quite a few laptop deals show up during Prime Day.

How to Access Prime Day 2021 Sales

If you’ve never heard of Prime Day before or have never taken advantage of any of the sales, you might be wondering how to do so. The most important thing to know is that accessing any of the Prime Day sales requires that you are a paying member of Amazon Prime.
Amazon’s subscription-based service unlocks all sorts of benefits from the company. Some include free two-day shipping, cloud storage, music streaming and a wide library of Amazon Prime Video content. If you’re eyeing a particular Prime Day deal, make sure you have started on Amazon Prime membership at least a few days before the sales start up.

When Is Prime Day 2021?

The second most important thing to know is when this sale is actually occurring.
Most years, Prime Day has been held in July. Last year, the world was in the middle of lockdowns and supply chain shortages in July, so Amazon moved the sale out to October. On June 2nd, Amazon announced that the annual sale would be held on June 21st and 22nd, 2021.
Prime Day usually starts with pre-sales the weekend prior to the big day, and the actual event lasts the full two days. Not all sales go live at once, either, so there’s this huge stagger effect throughout the weekend.

What to Expect for Laptop Deals This Year

Since the company hasn’t even announced the event yet, it’s a given that Amazon has not announced what the sales will look like. Everything in this section is a best guess at this point. Details could change or be completely incorrect, but below is what most in the tech press are expecting.
A good place to start for predicting this year’s sales is last year’s sales. For some solid roundups of the best Prime Day laptop deals from 2020, check up Wired’s list and another robust roundup.


Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are extremely popular, but they rarely go on sale by all that much. There were some slight discounts on Apple laptops last year, so you can expect the same to occur this year.
With the new M1 MacBooks being over six months into their lifecycle, it’s not impossible to see some discounts happening there. But the deepest Apple discounts will likely be on older Intel-based models.

Midrange Models at Entry-Level Prices

Throughout the year, there have been plenty of flash sales on Amazon and elsewhere that drop the price of a budget-friendly midrange laptop to something quite approachable. Expect to see the same on Prime Day, especially on budget-minded laptops with AMD processors.
Of course, you need to be careful when shopping in a hurry for something that costs several hundred dollars, and that needs to last for 3 or 4 years. Make sure you read and understand the specs of a machine before buying.
For example, a computer with just 4GB of RAM is hard to recommend; it’ll be nigh unusable before long at all. And yet, many of the cheapest deals on Prime Day will skimp somewhere on internals. Be absolutely sure a device will meet your needs before you buy.

Upper Midrange and Higher Provide the Best Deals

If last year was any example, this year’s greatest savings will be on laptops in the upper midrange and premium categories. These are the laptops with the healthiest markups, so it makes sense that they will see the biggest markdowns.
Last year saw a Dell XPS 13 (with touchscreen!) for just $729.99, for example. That said, it was a barebones model with only 4GB RAM and a pretty small SSD. The much better (and pricier) 2-in-1 version of the XPS 13 dropped a whole $300 from its retail price as well.
Expect to see markdowns on select models in this price tier from all major makers. But again, the catch is that not every model will go on sale. Watch carefully for a model with enough power and storage to meet your needs, and when you find your perfect deal, be ready to buy now!

The Best Deals Are Unknown, But the Best Extended Warranty Is Clear

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