What Is the Best Samsung Phone in 2020

What makes a particular phone “the best phone” depends a lot on what you need in a smartphone. Are you looking for a phone with outstanding cameras? A superb screen with vivid colors? Or, is the price your most important factor? Let’s take a look at the newest phone from Samsung, phones with the most advanced tech, as well as those best suited for economy shoppers.
The marketing people at Samsung are the brains behind Samsung’s lineup of incredible smartphones. They’re the people who survey the market and the competition to see what people want in a smartphone. Then, with a clear view into the marketplace, they create specs for a phone that takes its place among, shall we say, the “galaxy” of Samsung phones. So, let’s dive in.

Which Samsung Phone Is the Newest?

Their latest phone, officially launching on August 5th, and went on sale August 20, 2020, is the Galaxy Note 20. It’s a full-featured phone running Android 10, and supports Samsung’s S-Pen stylus. Additionally the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will come with a larger screen and slightly thinner body. Both phones are powered by the powerful Snapdragon 865+ processor, come with new camera features, and provide at least 2,345 x 1,084 pixel resolution. The Galaxy Note series of phones are high-end devices, and both phones are expected to be priced at over $900 off-contract.

Samsung S20 vs. S20+ vs. S20 Ultra 5G

The first thing you’ll notice about these three phones is their size. The Galaxy S20 has a 6.3-inch display, the Galaxy S20+ comes in at 6.7 inches, and the S20 Ultra has the most screen real estate at 6.9 inches diagonal measurement. All three phones come with active matrix OLED screens with resolution of 3,200 x 1,440 pixels, and all three have 12GB of internal memory, although the S20 Ultra has a 16GB option. MSRP for these three phones begins at $999.99 for the S20 with 128GB of storage; $1,199.99 for the S20+; and $1,399.99 for the Ultra.

When Did the Galaxy Note 10 Come Out?

On August 23, 2019, Samsung released three versions of this phone: the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G. Much like the S20 discussed above, these Note 10 phones are powered by the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and come with either 8GB (Note 10) or 12GB of internal memory (Note 10+ and its 5G model). The Galaxy Note 10 family uses an S Pen that allows you to write freehand on the screen, which the phone automatically converts to text. The original MSRP for these phones began at $949, but discounts and other incentives have dropped the price substantially.

What’s the Difference Between a Galaxy S10 and S10e?

First released on February 20, 2019, with price points of $899 (S10) and $749 (S10e), you can think of the S10e as the “economy” version of the S10. Both phones use Samsung’s active matrix OLED screens and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU chips running Android 10 with 8GB internal memory. The two phones differ in minor ways. The S10 boasts an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner and a slightly larger screen than the S10e.

What Is the Difference Between Samsung A and S Series?

Samsung’s Galaxy S models are high-end phones while the Galaxy A series gives you both mid-range and less costly models. The higher the number after the “A,” the more powerful the device. For example, the Galaxy A10 and A20 are entry-level phones, however beginning with the A40 model, you’re moving into a mid-range phone with a better camera and more power.

Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has rightly been called the “ultimate flagship” of the entire Samsung lineup. It has an incredible 108-megapixel main camera and a 48MP optical zoom camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a sensor that lets you adjust the depth of field and a host of photo parameters.

How Do I Access the Samsung Cloud?

The Samsung Cloud allows you to backup, sync, and restore content from your phone. The cloud safely stores everything you backup. You can back up your phone’s key software, messages, contacts, calendar, clock, and settings either individually or all together. Samsung Cloud is a standard feature available on most new Samsung phones.

What Is the Best Way to Protect My Samsung Phone?

Samsung gives you certain promises in the form of a manufacturer warranty that protects your phone from a limited number of hazards. Unfortunately, dropping your phone and many other hazards are not covered by the manufacturer’ warranty. That’s why you need to protect your phone with an extended warranty from Upsie with accident protection.
An Upsie extended warranty is priced up to 70% below what major carriers and other service providers charge for the same full-feature extended warranties. Upsie plans include accident protection. Further, the deductibles you pay are affordable at just $49 for repairs and $99 for replacements. Check out the entire Upsie plan, then give us a call if you have any additional questions. You can start your extended warranty any time during the first 120 days after purchasing your phone.

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