Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus: A First Look to See Which Suits You

Samsung started developing cell phones in 2001, and they have come a long way in the past 20 years. The electronics giant hasn’t slowed down in all that time and continually launches new smartphones, in addition to the rest of their tech repertoire. The company is now releasing the 21st iteration of its flagship Galaxy line to a loyal and awaiting mass of customers. If you are among those customers, you might want to know more about the Galaxy S21 and the S21 Plus to get a good first look before deciding on your new smartphone purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy Line

Samsung released its first Galaxy smartphone in June 2009 with the Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 with a screen protector. Early on in the market, the Samsung line had plenty of room to grow, and it did just that, as the company listened to customer feedback and focused on refining their product. In direct competition with Apple, Samsung knew they were hitting their stride in May 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy S II release, which cemented Galaxy as the premier line and the one to watch. A decade later, and Samsung continues to refine the Galaxy line.
The new Galaxy S21 series hit the stores in late January 2021, so you might want some details to shop for a new phone. It’s tough to go wrong with either model if you love Samsung’s offerings, but here is a first look at what you need to know.

What Are the Basic Traits That Samsung S21 and S21 Plus Share and Where They Differ?

Samsung decided to create more distinction between its S21 models since its S20 series was lacking in that department. The two models each offer a lower price point from the Ultra without sacrificing quality. Here are a few additional things the two models have in common:
  • Each has a relatively low price point, with the S21 model with 128GB of storage for $799 and the S21 Plus model with 128GB of storage at $999
  • A range of colors including grey, black, white, silver, and violet
  • Integrated 5G modems
  • 6.2″ FHD+ vs 6.7″ FHD+ dynamic 120Hz refresh flat displays
  • 5nm Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100
  • 8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB storage
Samsung has completely redesigned the Galaxy S21 series build and look, but even if you love the S20’s look and feel, there is plenty to appreciate in the updates and upgrades. Early reports indicate that the phones will have a flat display, plastic body, and an aluminum frame. Part of that frame will wrap around the top of the phone to house and protect the camera feature.

Galaxy S21

As usual, the base model for the series is the smallest and least expensive. It is actually much more expensive than last year’s model, considering the S20 launched at $1,000, and the S21 is coming in at $800. It is still a substantial investment, but If you are watching your budget and want to add a top-notch extended warranty for your Galaxy S21 smartphone, that $200 could come in handy.
Samsung didn’t skimp on the chipset, using the Snapdragon 888 for this high-end smartphone, but it did need to make some compromises to keep the price well under $1,000. The maximum resolution for the flat 6.2-inch screen comes in at 2400×1080, meaning Samsung did make this model less pixel-dense than last year’s. However, the screen features an adaptive refresh rate between 120Hz down to 48Hz, which doesn’t quite measure up to the S21 Ultra. However, the display still offers clear images and videos. For the savings, you are unlikely to miss it or care too much.

Galaxy S21 Plus

Again, Samsung lowered the price of the S21 Plus over last year’s S20 Plus by $200 for a cost of $1,200. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that there is a difference in quality or technical specifications. It has more to do with Samsung’s overall price structure. Either way, you win by enjoying excellent features at a lower price. Some feel that the Plus is just a bigger version of S21, with the primary difference coming down to screen size and battery. One of the most exciting aspects is the flat, generous 6.7-inch screen.

Consider Investing in an Upsie Extended Warranty to Protect Your New Samsung S-series Smartphone

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