Google Pixel 5a Release Date, Specs and Expectations

As with almost every phone manufacturer, the pandemic disrupted production and release schedules. Despite an inaccurate leak that the company would not even release the Pixel 5a, Google assured their eager fans that it’s still coming. Since the Google Pixel 4a performed so well in its mid-priced slot, plenty of Android phone fans want to know what they should expect next.

When Will Google Release the Pixel 5a?

Even though Google confirmed that they’re working on it, they have not officially confirmed a Google Pixel 5a release date. According to Tom’s Guide, industry insiders believe it will hit the market in June. Previously, they had expected to see the release scheduled earlier in the spring of 2021. Hopefully, nobody will have to wait much longer.

How Much Will the Google 5a Cost?

Just as the public doesn’t know the exact release date, people can only speculate about the price. The Pixel 4a phone started at $349, but the 5G model cost about $150 more. It’s fair to assume that Google will want to keep the 5a in the same price range. However, the final cost will probably depend upon the features that they include in their base model.
For instance, if the base 5a comes with 5G, it will probably cost closer to $500. If it doesn’t, it may retail for less than $400. Of course, potential 5a buyers may want to find out if they can access 5G in their town to see if it’s worth it to invest in high-speed connectivity or wait for their next phone.
The right choice really depends upon location, the way the phone gets used, and how long people plan to keep their phone. Some folks may want to splurge on 5G anyway to future-proof their purchase and help improve its possible resale value.

What’s Known About the Google Pixel 5a Specs and Design?

Based on leaked designs for the Google 5a, the case appearance looks more like the Pixel 4a 5G than the base 4a. That might provide a clue that Google plans to include 5G connectivity with all of these phones, though that’s only speculation.
Besides the possibility of a slightly bigger Pixel 5a, it looks like last year’s 5G model should provide a close approximation of the latest Pixel. This news shouldn’t really disappoint anybody. After all, Google intended to offer this phone line as a medium-priced alternative to high-end phones that might cost twice as much. Shying away from radical changes can help them invest more heavily on what’s inside and not on the outside of the device.
Otherwise, expect the Google Pixel 5a to probably deliver:
  • An ultrawide lens may join the phone’s main lens.
  • They will probably include Snapdragon 765G chipset, as on the Pixel 5.
  • Judging by leaked designs, the 5a will have a 6.2-inch FHD screen display.
In any case, the exact specs, features, and design of the new Google Pixel 5a remain a mystery. Hopefully, it will earn the same glowing reviews for a mid-priced phone as the Pixel 4a, plus include some exciting new features.

How Do Prudent Google Pixel Owners Protect Their Phones?

Even though the Google 5a should provide Android users with a great value, it’s still expected to cost as much as $500. Today’s phones pack in a lot of technology, including connectivity, cameras, screens, and computer chips. All of those high-tech components provide useful features; however, they also make phones vulnerable to damage and wear.
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The market may have to wait just a little longer to learn everything about the Google Pixel 5a smartphone. However, anybody can learn about the best smartphone warranties today.

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