The Latest News on the iPhone 12, Max, Pro, and Pro Max

Apple has a history of September iPhone releases. But this year might be a little different for the launch of the iPhone 12. We have all the latest news on the iPhone 12 smartphone models.

When is the Apple iPhone 12 Release Date?

Apple fans have expressed plenty of excitement and curiosity about the new iPhone 12. According to TechRadar, some sources have suggested a possible release date in September, though other sources say Apple will probably make its eager customers wait a little longer due to delays caused by the coronavirus. In any case, most industry watchers expect the new phones to hit the market in October or November at the latest.
Besides the basic model, Apple may also release three more models, called the Max, Pro, and Pro Max. These models may even have different options, like the choice between 4G and 5G. Some industry watchers speculate that the company may not release all of the models and versions at the same time.

How has the iPhone 12 Design Changed?

New iPhone 12 models may look and feel differently than earlier Apple phones. As an example, expect a flatter frame with more square edges when compared to the iPhone 11. Some analysts have compared elements of the design more to an iPad Pro 2020 than to the previous phones.
Insider reports also say the new phones will have a thinner body than models from previous years. As an example, TechRadar reported a frame thickness of 7.4 mm for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, compared to 8.1 mm for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How Much Will the iPhone 12 Cost?

Again, at this time, sources like TechRadar have to rely upon leaked data, which may change. Based upon this information, this list provides example prices for some of the soon-to-be released models:
  • iPhone 12 5G: $649
  • iPhone 12 Max 5G: $749
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G with 512mg: $1,399
As a note, people who want to buy an iPhone 11 might want to wait until Apple releases the iPhone 12. That’s because the company may drop the price of the older models when they release the new 12.

Anticipated New Features of the iPhone 12

These are some examples of anticipated new features:
  • According to ZDNet, customers can choose to buy 4G and 5G versions of at least some models of the new phones.
  • In addition, every phone will now come with an OLED display, instead of the LCD screens used on older Apple phones. This should result in better battery life.
  • While Apple hasn’t confirmed this, ZDNet also expected the entire line to come with the latest A14 Bionic processor, and this should provide upgraded performance.
  • At least some models may also come with the same kind of LIDAR sensor that Apple already uses on the iPad Pro. This sensor can better measure distance, so this promises an upgrade to low-light and auto-focus camera functions.

How to Protect an iPhone 12

Apple customers can expect to pay a fairly steep price for top-of-the-line iPhone 12 models. In return for this investment, Apple did work to future-proof the phone for owners who would like to maximize their value by keeping the phone for a few years. Examples include the availability of 5G connectivity and better performance.
As extra assurance that they can keep their phone in perfect condition for a long time, Apple phone owners will want to consider an Upsie extended warranty. This will help extend the device’s lifespan and even help to keep it in good shape in case the owner decides to sell it later. While the top iPhone 12 models come with a fairly high price tag, Apple phones also have a good reputation for holding their value.
A comparison between Upsie vs. AppleCare extended warranties will show that Upsie offers more flexibility and even more coverage at a lower price. As an example, Upsie extended warranties offer service from the Genius Bar and other options. Plus, Upsie doesn’t limit protection to only two incidents, like AppleCare does. Upsie warranties include accidental damage protection from bumps, drops, cracked screens, and liquid damage. Upsie also has customer service reps ready to file your claim 24/7.
Informed consumers should know they’re free to shop around for the best phone warranty to suit their budgets and preferences. They don’t have to buy a warranty at the time they buy their phone. To learn more, just visit the Upsie iPhone warranty page today.

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