Google Pixel Watch: Are You Ready for the Latest Wearable?

The consumer technology industry has stayed busy this past year, developing all kinds of great gadgets for you to explore. And not to fall behind, Google has kept up the pace and is ready to introduce its Google Pixel Watch to the mix. As the latest member of the Pixel flagship family, this watch has industry insiders and Google fans eagerly awaiting more details.
According to Trusted Reviews, ever since the Google Pixel smartphone arrived on the market, everyone has wondered when to expect an accompanying smartwatch. The anticipation is set to end in October 2021. What you’re probably wondering now is what it does, can do, and what everyone thinks of the information available so far. The wearables market is huge, so it’s exciting to see what this one can do.
Keep in mind that, no matter how great the specs and performance are with the Pixel watch, you should always protect your watch. Unforeseen failures or accidents always pop up, so buying an extended smartwatch warranty is something you won’t regret.
Let’s find out what else Google has to offer with the Pixel Watch and everything you need to know.

All the Basic Information You Want to Know About the Google Pixel Watch

Google originally postponed the Pixel Watch in 2019. The development team wanted to release this new smartwatch when, and only when, it would stand up to the competition, such as Apple. In a market set to grow to over 1.1 billion in 2022, the Google team knew they had their work cut out for them.
The Google Watch offers endless possibilities in engaging customers before and after sales. It offers a playful, lighthearted, and simple design language that lends hands-free help for times when you’re occupied. Going for a long training run or off on a double-digit or triple-digit mile bicycle ride are great examples.
Even better, the Google Pixel Watch looks so great that you can wear it in various settings and contexts. With that in mind, even if you don’t do official sports training, you’ll love wearing this watch.

The Release Date

As mentioned earlier, the Google Pixel Watch has been a long time coming to the marketplace. Originally “predicted” in 2018, people have wanted to know the details. Industry devotees and professional leakers like Jon Prosser give everyone the morsels needed to hang on until the release becomes a reality.
One of the big slowdowns for the Google Pixel Watch is the Google IO development team’s attention to detail and dedication to getting things right. It’s tough to fault a company for that. After all, why put out a sub-par product to watch it fail on your wrist? Sure, many times, businesses make upgrades on the next version or edition. But if you can help your customers save money, time, and worry by pushing back the release date, why not?
The developers are changing over some software used to power these wearables. It all shows some changes about potential upcoming changes to the overall flagship line.

The Price

As mysterious as the release date is, you’ll have a tougher time finding out how much you would pay for one of these beauties. The chances are good that it will receive pricing at around the $249.99 and up mark, but until Google starts releasing more information, we can only give you this much, so far.

The Looks

The round face alone is what has everyone talking as far as the Google Pixel Watch. The classic design, black face, and smooth contours make this phone stand out, regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going.

The Always-On Display

With the Always-On Display, you can wear your watch anytime and without noticing it. It feels effortless and eliminates that lingering digital watch feeling you get each time you look down at a digital display. You can also use the display to simplify various tasks.
The Always-On Display is created to be simple on your wrist for an effortless feel. It also lets you forget the digital watch feeling from turning off the screen. Lastly, it helps simplify tasks with the New Google Assistant.

A Smooth Tactile Finish

People are excited about the circular display that features a soft-touch area that lends to the smooth, tactile finish. You’ll also find a matte glass screen that you can match to the wristband’s color. But you can also choose a glossy finish and find the best way to make your screen creamy and sleek for nights out on the town after a big training session.

The Specs You Need to Know

According to TechRadar, some specs seem logical for this watch, including the likelihood that it will run on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. With this chipset, you can expect battery life improvements and additional power to run your favorite apps.

Keep Checking Back for More Information on This Exciting Upcoming Watch Release

Everyone has waited for this watch for about three years, but devoted fans have only become more enthusiastic about this release. If you’re interested in the Google Pixel Watch, make sure to check back for more information. In the meantime, check out various Upsie extended smartwatch warranties so you know what to buy when you finally get your new Google Pixel Watch.

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